Setting up a Legislative Connection Group online 

If you are blessed by any of our pages please share  as we need the whole body to reach the world . We must be careful not to trade on being ashamed of heavenly realms material . We reap what we sow.
Some ideas for getting a group together and structuring it.

YOU DO NOT NEED THE COVERING OF A CHURCH OR APOSTOLIC RESOURCE CENTRE but seeking help and input is a wise move not assuming you know the full blueprint but using the body.


We are seeing the blueprint that embassies are one of the main training arenas so strong apostolic visionary leadership is accessed. Referring people to lots of outside resources is important so hubs don’t become insular and restrict the growth. Providing lots of opportunities to network is so important.

ONLINE HUBS DONT NEED TO PROVIDE CONTENT but allow Jesus to lead the meeting and allow people to bring a song ,word ( be an oracle ) or testimony . Participation is critical to raising confident sons who operate as priesthood of all believers .

REMEMBER WE ARE PART OF ONE UNITED BODY so we are seeing online expressions playing a big part so people can connect around scrolls and level of intimacy rather than location which allows people to operate in the spiritual age they are operating out of.

BRINGING A SONG versus singing a worship song

We see this in scripture but see this is more about bringing a frequency out of heaven and David’s house and a word set to any melody rather than singing songs that others have written . We are then not providing content and not worshipping as this is the angels job but building mature sons who know how to hear and release frequency .

ONLINE LEGISLATIVE GROUP , ONLINE HANGOUT, Physical hub ( please see us re reservations about physical hubs) .

We can use this site to find people who would like to join an online hangout OR LEGISLATIVE CONNECTION GROUP  using zoom . Let us know if you would like to facilitate one or facilitate a messenger group OR FACILITATE A GROUP ENCOUNTER GROUP. 

You are not the one who needs to have all the answers. A true Ecclesia is one where all contribute AND THERE IS JUST A FACILITATOR NOT LEADER . ( Servant leadership and all equal). 

CAN setup a Facebook page then when established invite people to join a messenger group which then can allow people to connect in different ways.

Speak to friends who may want to go into heaven together. This can be over the phone too (Zoom is a free easy to use tool).

Begin developing relationships with people who have a similar scroll. This can lead to forming a bench of 3 (which is a governmental blueprint based on the trinity), but it must be around a scroll. We can then move away from having prayer meetings but legislating around scrolls .

CAN invite a speaker and develop a newsletter OR FACEBOOK PAGE to bring a number together. If you allow plenty of networking time and seek out motivated people these can form into hubs. Good to ensure facilitators understand about the heavenly blueprint first (Ecclesia Framework provides individual mentoring on this – just contact us).

Some are key intercessors already leading a group so you can begin to encourage more heavenly prayer methods.

We at the Ecclesia Framework have opportunities to run online classes or ascensions if you have a blueprint to work with us.


It is good to obtain apostolic input for the nature/ blueprint of the ecclesia (we have heavenly blueprint doc on this site for guidance).

Define your values for the group and what has been laid on your spirit and invite participation and input from potential  group members (examples of values at One United Ecclesia).

Great books are Reimagine Church and Finding Organic Church by Viola.

It is good to a build RELATIONSHIP ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL allowing a lot of SPIRITUAL dialogue about their questions, gifts and passions, and what they have heard. Singing and bible study can often stop real community building. Seeker sensitive can often not allow the spirit to manifest.

Emphasising an HONORING culture is really important so debate is allowed but not abusive words. Private discussion may be good if someone is not HONORING.

Rather than coming up with an agenda for learning, allowing the spirit to lead discussions with no agenda, can really allow Christ to be the head. DVDs can restrict the ecclesia functioning. Encouraging people to go into the courts for themselves and take responsibility builds a more mature son. Consider  going into heaven for a region and  seeking the heavenly blueprint. Considering an understanding of worship as a living sacrifice than singing is helpful. Angels are created to worship God so we do not have to spend time making this an essential time. Relationship building is key .

To honor the principle of priesthood of all believers it is important that leaders act as FACILITATORS – there is not one leader who imposes a vision. Vision is worked out by the ecclesia.

Encourage people to discover their scroll and begin the journey as a lifestyle. Allow people to regularly share their scrolls so people can begin benches around scrolls.

Allowing a lot of networking space initially and not content, encouraging meeting in small numbers can move into real discipling not just member attendance. Encouraging people to support another in between gatherings, listening to material or referring to pages here, can facilitate the four levels of the Ecclesia happening so people are not looking to just the hub for input or ministry.

The order of Melchizidek is about moving towards being an oracle so allowing people to bring a word, a song or a testimony is vital – not filling it with predesigned songs or bible studies or training content.

We want to share how to find a real relationship with the Lord then people are encouraged to go away and find real intimacy not theoretical knowledge. So we can point to resources to get them going .

Apart from our pages we recommend mike parsons free you tubes as led by the spirit over time. Spirit schools can impose too much material in too short a space of time which can dissipate without application .