Seat of Rest 

One of the most important concepts to grasp.

In Genesis God rested from creation but HE STILL WAS RULING . HE WAS JUST NOT CREATING .

Being in rest is being in tranquility in the midst of chaos as everything is superceded by the supernatural world

It is a gift but have to labour to surrender to His lordship to engage it

You go into his throne and sit in him and bring dominion over the mountains that are troubling you ( not withdraw from responsibility )

We don’t have to take the full burden of the problem on ourselves as father is sat next to us supplying resources . If we try to rule a mountain on our own then we are doing this in our own strength that causes burn out quickly and stress.

The more responsibility you want the greater you need to learn how to operate out of the seat of rest with Him .

It is NOT : 

Rest knows our authority to rule over the universe like god does everyday and so no need to panic ( not being unaware of the situations )

Withdrawing from responsibility

Saying Christ  has done it all as we are called to play a part in creation

Withdrawing from people if clashes happen ( iron sharpens iron )

Earning rest by praying a lot ( it is a gift )