Revelation of the First 12 Thrones on the Upward Journey

Revelation of the First 12 Thrones on the Upward Journey

Bill Brady   11/5/18

The Upward Journey is a journey into the Names of Jesus. 

  • One Name at a time.
  • One throne at a time.
  • Beginning with the throne of Righteousness.

It is a journey from throne to throne.

  • 12 thrones of the Body of Christ.
  • Made up of 3 thrones of each of the Godhead
  • And 3 thrones of man.
  • We receive the revelation if each throne.
  • And sit down on each throne.

The 3 thrones of the Spirit:

  • Righteousness
  • Peace
  • Joy

The 3 thrones of Yeshua / Jesus:

  • The Way = New Jerusalem
  • The Truth = City of Zion
  • The Life = City Everlasting

The 3 thrones of Father:

  • Judgment
  • Justice
  • Holiness

The 3 thrones of Man (Adam):

  • Body = One United Body
  • Soul = One New Heart and Mind
  • Spirit = One Spirit

Reasons why we see the order of Spirit then Yeshua / Jesus then Father then man.

  • This is the order in which we experience the Godhead.
  • The Spirit does not speak of Himself.
  • The Spirit speaks of Yeshua / Jesus.
  • He is another Paraclete like Jesus.
  • When we have seen Jesus we have seen the Father.
  • Jesus brings us to His Father and His Father’s House.

The 12 thrones are a Journey.

  • Of the beginning of restoration of Echad (Oneness) with each of the Godhead.
  • One after another.
  • Of the beginning of restoration of man’s 3 part being.
  • Of the restoration of the Ecclesia.

Is this biblical?

  • Yes.
  • In each part.
  • And in the overall pattern of the parts together.

The overall pattern of the journey and the name of each throne are each a mystery.

  • God hides mysteries.
  • So that they can be revealed at a destined time.

Mysteries are hidden in scripture.

  • Before revelation the mystery is not seen.
  • Even though it is there in the scripture.
  • After revelation the mystery is there in plain sight.
  • Where it has always been.
  • Mysteries are hidden in plain sight in scripture.
  • The mystery of Christ and His Body is called a great mystery.

Revelation of a mystery either comes by an encounter or directly from the word.

  • We have an encounter first.
  • Then we go to the word and find the corresponding scriptures.
  • Or, we have revelation of the mystery directly from the scriptures.
  • Then have corresponding encounters.

I use the Bible Gateway Application.

  • You can search for a word.
  • Or for a phrase by putting parenthesis around the phrase.

An example of using Bible Gateway to search for the scripture behind the Journey.

  • Put the words righteousness, peace and joy in the search engine.
  • You are searching for every verse that contains all 3 of these words.
  • Here is the result:


2 Bible results for “righteousness peace joy.” Showing results 1-2.

Bible search results

Romans 14:17

for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 12:11

Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painful; nevertheless, afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

  • There are only two verses in scripture that contain all 3 of these words.
  • Romans 14:17 confirms that these 3 names are “in the Holy Spirit”.
  • The names and order of the 3 Holy Spirit thrones are confirmed by scripture.
  • Holy Spirit may have already brought this verse to your mind before searching.
  • In this case Bible Gateway is only giving you the chapter and verse.
  • You already had the revelation.

The Journey up through the 12 thrones is a Spirit-led journey. 

  • He will lead you into encounter and encounter in scripture.
  • In response to your desire.

We, as fathers, will facilitate you on this journey.

  • For many of you simply giving you the names of the thrones is enough.
  • You can then go and see for yourself.
  • Either by encounter in heavenly places.
  • Or by encounter of the word in heavenly places.
  • Or both.

The Journey is your Journey.

  • We testify to what we have seen and heard.
  • Receive our testimony.
  • Go see for yourself.
  • Go have your own encounters in heavenly places.
  • Search the scriptures as a Spirit-led search for revelation of mysteries.
  • Return with your own testimony.
  • We look forward to hearing your testimonies.