How to participate in the salvation of millions

Written by Ella Harrison

From what I’ve seen hell/lake of fire is a dimension of separation that the government of our soul and spirit creates when functioning according to the tree of good and evil/law. And precisely in this dimension the body is trapped into paying the full price for the wage of sin which ultimately leads to its decay and death. This is because it is a micro self sustained system.

When we function according to the tree of Life our body stops recording/storing in a binary and decentralized manner the history and evidence of our being aside from God’s blueprint and shifts into God’s centralized provision.

The realm of God knows no shadow of death and no evil so there’s no place for hell to enter eternity. What i’m saying is just the principle described in a nutshell, since this is a quite vast subject to tackle and explain thoroughly. …

From Jane Johnson

From my extensive experience in Heaven and joint encounters with others as a functioning bench , I am seeing 2 forms of hell described in the bible and I personally see one as I encounter Heaven as a waiting place with no torment where people can be rescued by sons of god

We can bring them up through the realms of Heaven through the portals or windows guarded by sets of four angels like winds of change. By invite not forcing .

We can invite those Christians who have died without their bodies being immortal to restore their bodies and we are a gate for that to happen . ( hence a form of raising the dead that Jesus clearly talked about and the disciples practiced ). We can create a city in infinity where any who wish for that come into our city of refuge .


The other mentioned as the second Death in rev seems to be for rebellious angels and those who refuse to follow Jesus .

Once we get full operating from the tree of life and a new heaven I don’t see hell as part of that in infinity / eternity