Redefining Evangelism  

Written by Jane johnson founder of Ecclesia framework.
We submit this to the body for feedback or addition or confirmation .

I have engaged heaven, wisdom and the seven spirits on this topic and had confirmation from others seeking heavenly realms

Seeing it is :-
The holy spirits job to bring someone to Christ not ours. We have a role but not convincing a cold heart .

Shining a light calling forth groups of people particularly the done with church at the moment.

Dealing with blocked gateways for population groups.

Opening books of destiny for individuals and groups if done in love .

Stretching your spirit over a city.

Mandating Angels to be the messengers and shine the light on people.

Doing court cases for restoring intimacy or dealing with the deaf and dumb spirit.

Prophetic acts to release salve  on people’s eyes so they can see. ( from book of revelation )

Releasing revelation physically on earth where Holy Spirit can convict.

Sharing how God has done a work in us to people.

Some are seeing we can bring people up through the realms and out of a waiting room ??? Needs lots of confirmation but sitting well with my spirit and in line with revelation 22.

Releasing the EVERLASTING GOSPEL spiritually which is really all mandates .


trying to persuade people from the bible.

Handing out tracks.

Doing crusades with wise and persuasive words to convince but a demonstration of the spirit ( as Paul quoted by the apostle Paul ).

Befriending someone for years who has closed their gateways and will not move not matter how much friendship we show.

Arguing on Facebook with people who have closed gateways and don’t want truth at any cost or want to be convinced without pursuing intimacy. Many want to keep eating from the tree of knowledge as it makes them secure .

Giving them a podcast delegating responsibility for sharing the gospel and trading on Ahabs trading floor of passivity or what is the use or watering down the gospel.


When I was growing up, I was taught that good Christians talked to unbelievers about God at every opportunity. We invited them to church and attempted to convert them by any means. If they died and went to hell, we were responsible.
Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s more powerful to be than to do. Heaven is released through us as we allow God’s fire and breath to blow through all our gates, starting with our First Love gate. When our lives are characterized by amazement at who God is for us, we are winsome. All are drawn to wonder at him. When we approach people with an agenda to convert them to our way, (the right way!) they are likely to feel used, manipulated, patronized. Jesus didn’t try to convert everybody. He could’ve won converts through logical persuasion, but he was after hearts. He never looked down on unbelievers or favored members of the established church. He said, “if I be lifted up, I draw all men unto me.” Helplessly in love with us, he allowed himself to be lifted up, a living sacrifice. Our response, caught up in Love’s bliss, is the only way to win hearts to heaven’s Grace.