Recent Revelation on Heavenly DISCIPLING Methods to Support New People 

Written by Jane Johnson founder of Ecclesia Framework

Seeing  a few changes to discipling in heaven from many encounters:-
We will gradually be taught more and more from the lord so discipling needs to take a smaller part than previously as we raise more mature sons who hear well.

Discipling will be less teacher mentored but more equals facilitating/coaching growth where each must be allowed to go past the other and both willing to be humble and invite feedback and revelation.

Discipling is not passing people to a group for them to take responsibility.

Leaders will be less of a feature as we move towards priesthood of all believers.

Sharing resources , encouraging them to get into heaven quickly to hear from heaven is so important so they are not just eating from the tree of knowledge.

Encouraging drawing on a wide body is more the blueprint where people are moving here and there for different roles or input.

Encouraging them not to take camp and eat from the tree of life ,keeping the balance of intimacy , cleansing and responsibility.

Alerting them to the stumbling blocks ahead.

Learning to find agreement with the body is crucial so encouraging movement towards benches and governmental legislating in heaven . Moving away from ” we must academically biblically research material without seeking revelation in heaven or feeling we don’t know enough or are not clean enough to access the holy of Holies .” We encounter heavenly realms to cleanse out old trading floors.

Rats are
Open to new methods of doing things

Don’t keep making excuses

Willing to consider giving up old meetings and shows signs of making sacrifices

Interested in forming community

Interested in giving out

Believe knowing their SCROLL is for now not at some time in the future

Doesn’t easily take offence but sticks with debate even if REVELATION is a shock

Is not stuck in cleansing all the time but interested in the bigger picture

Doesn’t use building relationship as a way of not empowering others in their scroll or bringing others in .

Keeps wanting to live out of a higher age so does not take camp easily