How do the Wineskins differ?

Bill Brady  9/25/18

How do the New, True, Everlasting and Living Sacrifice Wineskins differ?

  • The difference is what city or where on the Upward Journey that they are found.
  • This means that there is an order to the Wineskins.
  • Another difference is if they reflect either Jesus’ Kingly or Priestly function.
  • Another difference is which strand of Jesus’ DNA that they refer to.

Jesus is the Wine in each Wineskin.

  • We are the Wineskin that holds that wine.
  • Wineskins reflect Jesus in who He is and how He functions.

The Old Wineskin is that of the Pharisees and religious people in general.

  • The Old Wineskin is related to Mount Sinai.
  • Where the people of God said “No” when YHVH asked them to marry Him.

Kings, Priests, Prophets (and Apostles) can stand between man and God.

  • We relate to God through other men who have a relationship with God.
  • Those men are professionals.
  • We pay these men to do their job.
  • Their job is to go to God, hear what He says and tell us about it.
  • Our job is to listen.
  • Our professional middle men do the doing.
  • We listen to our professional middlemen.
  • And don’t do what God said.
  • This is the old wineskin.
  • Most churches today are a combination of the Old and New Wineskins.

On the Upward Journey we journey away from The Old Wineskin towards the New.

  • Old Wineskin reflects the form and function of the Ecclesia before John the Baptist.
  • John began preaching Jesus as The Way.
  • The New Wineskin is Jesus as the Way.

Jesus spoke of the New Wineskin when He spoke about the Kingdom of God.

  • The New Wineskin is related to New Jerusalem (NJ).
  • When you enter NJ you enter into the Kingdom of God.
  • We are all Kings and Priests according to the Order of Melchizedek.
  • Each of us has a face-to-face relationship with God.

We are all equal.

  • No one is over another.
  • No one is a professional king, priest, prophet or apostle.
  • Or anything else having to do with our relationship with our Father.
  • No one is paid a salary.

Believers and groups of believers transition from Old Wineskin to New Wineskin.

  • Each has come part way in that transitioning.
  • Our intention here at OUB is to fully reflect the New Wineskin.
  • The New Wineskin reflects NJ and Jesus’ DNA as The Way.

Cities, Wineskins and Spiritual Ages.

  • An ecclesia or person can be Old Wineskin.
  • Or be partially transitioned from Old to New Wineskin.

A partial transition is because they have only gone so far on the Upward Journey. 

  • Kingdom Age is followed by Ecclesia Age.
  • Ecclesia Age is followed by Age of Melchizedek.
  • Age of Melchizedek is followed by Age of Peace.

In the Age of Peace you are seated on the thrones of Righteousness and Peace.

  • You have seen the Kingdom of God and the New Wineskin.
  • You have received the Kingdom of God and the New Wineskin.
  • You will experience Joy and Rest and then enter the Kingdom by entering NJ.

3 cities reflect Jesus’ 3 strands of DNA.

  • When you enter them you are entering a Wineskin.
  • When you enter into NJ you are entering into the New Wineskin.
  • The form and function of the New Wineskin reflects Jesus as the Way.
  • When you enter into the City of Zion you enter into the True Wineskin.
  • The form and function of the True Wineskin reflects Jesus as the Truth.
  • When you enter into City Everlasting you enter into the Everlasting Wineskin.
  • The form and function of the Everlasting Wineskin reflects Jesus as the Life.
  • These 3 Wineskins reflect Jesus’ function as King.

The Living Sacrifice Wineskin reflects Jesus function as Priest. 

  • Priests serve at an altar.
  • Priests make blood sacrifices.

We are Living Sacrifice Wineskin when have fully become a Living Sacrifice. 

  • This happens on Mount Moriah.
  • When we as Abraham sacrifice our Isaac which is our Promise from God.
  • Trading out of earthly honor and riches.
  • Trading into heavenly honor and riches.
  • Having a blood transfusion from Melchizedek.
  • Becoming a Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.
  • Then living a crucified and buried life that brings resurrection life to others.

Melchizedek brings us bread and wine.

  • The wine is our continued state of death with Jesus as a Living Sacrifice.
  • The bread is us as the continual Living Sacrifice Wineskin.

Each of the Wineskins brings us to a new and higher understanding of communion.

  • We receive revelation of a new and more layered meaning of the bread and wine.
  • As we take the bread and the wine we become a newer Wineskin.
  • Our experience of the bread and wine is enhanced by new understanding.
  • As we partake of the bread and wine we become the next new wineskin.
  • Communion doesn’t need real wine and bread but can be done in the Spirit or through entangling our DNA .

What is the difference between the New, True and following Wineskins?

  • That difference is best experienced by you.
  • As you take the bread and the wine.
  • And encounter and become each Wineskin.
  • And then function as part of that Wineskin.

The wineskins in order:

  • The Old Wineskin
  • The New Wineskin
  • The True Wineskin
  • The Everlasting Wineskin
  • The Living Sacrifice Wineskin