Prayers for beginners to learn principles

Don’t do any prayers  by rote as we develop a pathway  once going certain places . We are seated with Christ in heavenly realms so more about accessing higher realms . We just don’t want to access the third eye by going to and fro in the atmosphere of the earth . But once established we are safe from evil in heavenly realms . The enemy has no access other than us calling him to the court of accusation.( mobile court).
We want to reside 24/7 in highest realms . Operating on the earth doing normal tasks but able to commune in heaven .


Gate of First-Love Prayer

Father, I give to You the gateway of first-love that grants one access to the tree of life, and I eat from the tree of life. I repent and receive forgiveness with the blood of Jesus for every person and thing, Nephilim’s seed, Cain’s seed, Reptilian seed, all transgression, iniquity, sin and all dust that I have allowed to shut down or clog or chain the gateway of first-love because of traumatic experiences, inner vow through hurt by others or any other way I am not aware of that made the gate of first-love blocked, chained and shut to my gateway of first-love that belongs to you. Lord, I ask for the seraphim to come with the coal of fire to cleanse me and purge out of me all defilement (seed of Cain, Reptilian seed, Nephilim seed, iniquity, all transgression and sin and all dust).

I take in the spirit the bolt cutters and word of the Lord. I see the chains of my inner gateway of first-love being cut and broken away. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. I break those chains in the spirit that were over my gateway of first-love.

I ask the glory fire to come into and flow through the gateway of first-love. I welcome the glory fire. I invite the glory fire to come in and burn the seed of Cain, Reptilian seed, Nephilim seed, all transgression, iniquity, sin and all dust in my life and the gateway of first-love, burning up and consuming the dross that had kept the gateway closed or small.

I hurl down the accuser with the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. I cast every demon that has lost its legal rights to the feet of Jesus never to return. Father, I choose to open the gateway of first-love in my spirit. I open it and yield it to Your glory. I receive and release the power of God through this gateway of first-love that I may begin to receive revelation of Your kingdom that it may change my soul to the image of the Son of God that abides in me.

I choose to open the door to Jesus. I stand in the doorway and exercise my right as an heir of God to have and hold authority over my first-love gateway as the place of dominion for Jesus to reside. I dispatch angels of the garden to my gateway of first-love. I release an angel of the Lord to keep the door open of first-love and I thank You Father for that, in Jesus’ name.
Was struggling with communion till I came across this- worth saving as I feel it really gets to nitty gritty and does some serious stuff as long as it doesn’t become a boring ritual – we must mean it but could really help move us to kings



This looks like a newer version of a prayer with some interesting ways of transformation . Remember it must come out of relationship so don’t do this religiously everyday without seeking entanglement with Jesus in places like dance floor , soaking room , fiery stones , – better I feel to use it to learn  the principles contained in it then invent your own or say parts as your spirit cries out so you are led to it from the desires of your heart .

Here is the gateway prayer by Shaunell Brandt and body of Christ

Opening, clearing, & expanding of First Love, spirit, soul, & body gateways

*Start by opening the gateway of First Love [Open a natural door in a room as a point of contact into the spiritual realm to make an entrance into the spirit realm.]

  • I keep open to You (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) the gateway of first-love so that heaven may flow freely through all my gateways. I engage the tree of life and eat the fruit therefrom. I shall live forever.

*[Now name which gateway(s) you are led by Holy Spirit to open, clear, &/or expand.] I bring before You (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) my gateway(s) of _______________.

  • I step in now beyond the veil/through door of Revelation 3:20, & activate mobile courts of the Lord. I honor all here (Abba, Yeshua, Holy Spirit, 7 spirits of God, cloud of witnesses/men in white linen, etc). I enter Your gates with thanksgiving and Your courts with much praise. The heavens declare Your righteousness!
  • I stand before You (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) and repent of ___________________ and receive (spirit/soul/body) judgment according to Your grace, and under the dispensation of the blood covering of Yeshua, which washes away all sin. All Nephilim seeds, Cain’s seeds, Reptilian seeds, all transgressions, iniquities, sins, and all corruption and dust that I have allowed to clog and/or chain my ___________ gateway(s) or hinder Your flow, are under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, and nailed to the cross. All traumatic experiences, inner vows from hurts and disappointments, bitter roots from others’ actions, or any other vector of which I am unaware, are nailed to the cross and under the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh. My ______________ gateway(s) is/are open and shall remain unblocked, unchained, and flow freely with Your river of life. In the name of The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh, I ask for the seraphim angels to come with the coal of refining fire to purge me of all defilement and DNA that is not of You, Lord.

*From heaven, in the Holy Spirit, I take bolt cutters and the sword of the Holy Spirit (the Word) to remove the chains of my _______________ gateway(s). I call for and engage the Holy Spirit, the seven spirits of God (including wisdom), who tutor and govern me towards maturity all day, every day. I cast down from my mind (subconscious, unconscious, & conscious) all hinderances and familiar spirits that would block, shrink, or corrupt my _____________ gateway(s).

*May Your (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) fire brought forth by Your angelic invasion, burn freely through my ____________ gateway(s) and crisp-up any intruders (familiar spirits), fruits, seeds of corruption, & mis-spoken words & word curses of my past.

*I call forth Your (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) angels with consuming fire to burn out any leftover dross that would limit my gateway openings. I cast down every demonic influence and imaginations, evil principalities, demonic kings & all their minions, spiritual wickedness, and all fears at the feet of Yeshua, my High Priest. As your priest, I release Heaven and Your power through my ______________ gateways.

*I will receive constant revelation and sight into The Kingdom of Heaven to bring Heaven on Earth. I will see, hear, think, feel, say, & do only what I see & hear You thinking & feeling & saying & doing, Abba Father. I am Your seer/nissi/navi.

*My _____________ gateway(s) is/are open now. As an heir and maturing son, I dispatch Your perfect types & amounts of Kingdom of Heaven angels to effect Your Abba Father perfect will on earth, as it is in Heaven. I will visit You in all my heart’s chambers as You desire – I will sit with You in my garden. You (Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit) are and will always be my First Love.

* With respect, I command my chief angels to expand and guard my gateways for Your use and glory, Abba, Yeshua, & Holy Spirit. Thank You, Abba Father. As I stand in Your Name, it is so.

Ian Clayton prayers

*Ian Clayton Communion Prayer: