An Outline of A Journey Into Destiny: TOL Group Level Two

An Outline of A Journey Into Destiny: TOL Group Level Two

by Bill Brady

This page has the pre-meeting materials and recordings for Tree of Life Scroll Group One Level One.

This is meant to allow you to participate in Tree of Life Group Level Three if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join a live group.

  • We highly recommend that you join a live group.
  • The experience of living ecclesia is essential to your growth.
  • The January Scroll Level Two Group experienced a crowning as a bench of 12, Triumphal Entry into the City of Zion and entry into Manifest Sonship!

Suggested donation for Self-paced Level Two:

There is a suggested donation to cover the development of this and future TOL Group levels.

Total suggested donation is $10.00 US.  Of this $5.00 US to  each of two people:


Donna Irizarry:

Samone Jones:


Plan for Tree of Life Scroll Group:

Tree of Life Scroll (TOL) Group One Level One

1) Understand that you have a Destiny Scroll.
2) Understand the function of your destiny scroll.
3) Encounter your destiny scroll in a group encounter.
4) Learn to Scroll Coach.
5) Scroll Coach someone.
6) Understand the functions of Blueprints, Mandates and Flowing.
7) Understand how to receive Blueprints and Mandates.
😎 Understand how to flow in walking out the Mandates that you receive.
counter the Tapestry in the Tapestry Room in a group encounter.

Honor one another. We have personal and corporate encounters in heavenly places.


The plan for TREE OF LIFE SCROLL GROUP Level One flowed from relationship and encounter. During our weekly meetings we will be together in heavenly places in a group encounter.

There will be eight weeks.

The overall purpose is that you will engage your own destiny scroll. There will be two corporate Destiny Scroll encounters. Also, each Scroll Group member will be scroll coached one-on-one on Zoom by one of the facilitators.

An additional purpose is that each Scroll Group Member will have an opportunity to begin scroll coaching others. There will be training and opportunities to coach others.


Thursday December 7th at 4 PM EST – Week 1
Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll

PRE-MEETING PREPARATION: 1) Respond to the question, “How does intimacy with God relate to encountering your Destiny Scroll?”

Jesus has a Destiny Scroll / You have a Destiny Scroll” Recorded PowerPoint presentation – Bill
Group Destiny Scroll Encounter – Donna
Testimonies, Questions and Answers – Samone
Introduction to Week Two – Samone
Continue to encounter your Destiny Scroll daily / regularly.

Week One Meeting Recording:  Scroll Group Week One Meeting

Plan for Week Two: Plan for Week Two
Posted this to the group before the week two meeting:

Countdown from 10 to Oneness Encounter
Tonight’s New Heaven New Earth Lovers ascension shows the place that we, as the Ecclesia, are in right now. The bench of 12 had to come into unity before it was launched as a spaceship. I see that the unity came into being when we as a bench counted down from 10 to one. We came into unity as we counted down together. The count of one is when the oneness came into being. Then we were launched.
The Ecclesia has been in a phase of being gathered into oneness of full unity in Christ phase. We have now become one. We have been launched into a phase of preparation for ruling as one manifest son phase. This will be followed by a ruling as one manifest son gathering all of creation into one.
Fullness of the gospel includes Christ raised, resurrected and ruling. It includes us as one united Ecclesia co-crucified, co-resurrected and co-ruling. It is the fullness of this aspect of the one united manifest son coming into the fullness of co-ruling that we are to co-build towards now.

What does this mean for each of you?

There is a blueprint. We have each chosen to love Jesus who is the Master Builder. He is building according to this blueprint. He is gathering His Ecclesia individually into oneness with Himself. In doing this He is gathering us into a oneness with one another. He is asking of each of us that we take our personal foot of the brake and allow Him to do this. He is gently drawing us with cords of love.

Decide to yield to His drawing. Let Him draw you into this oneness. Join the corporate countdown to oneness. You will then be launched with the united Ecclesia.

Week Two Meeting Recording:  Meeting Two Recording

Plan for Week Three:  Plan for Week Three
Planned to have a group destiny scroll encounter.  It turned out to be a group destiny scroll encounter of our mountains.

Week Three Meeting Recording:  Meeting Three Recording

Week Four Meeting Recording is not included here as it included personal destiny scroll encounters.

There was a short time in which members paired off in twos.  Each facilitated the other in a scroll ascension for 10 – 15 minutes.  Then they traded places.  All reported having a really good experience doing this.  In later weeks testimonies were given about members facilitating scroll ascensions for others who were not in the scroll group.


Here is how I would suggest that you approach this as a self-paced training.

  • Find others who are enrolled in self-paced Scroll Group.
  • Pair up to facilitate each other is scroll ascensions (encounters).  One of you facilitate the other.  Then switch places.  Afterwards discuss with one another about the experience.
  • Do the same for a mountain ascension to engage your king mountains.
  • Practice with a different person several times.
  • Then find someone to facilitate on a scroll encounter who has been part of a Scroll Group.

Keep at it and practice until you feel comfortable.  Then seek out opportunities to facilitate group scroll encounters. 

  • Contact Bill Brady if you want to volunteer to facilitate group scroll of destiny encounters as part of Beginner’s Encounter Group.
  • Contact Bill Brady if you would like to be added to Scroll / Mountain Chat Group to facilitate scroll of destiny / king mountain encounters for those who are part of that chat.