Our Different Heavenly Bodies

Written by Jane Johnson Drafted this from encounters for input by the body

We are seeing we have different skins or bodies that are like layers we strip back ( not really put on like suits )

1.Eternity spirit being before we had a physical body

2.golden body ( in metatron cubes as original intention of our bodies was that we were made from gold dust

3.Living being body in Eden ( transfigured body as spirit on outside)

4.Blue light being ( before dark cloud throne ) ??

  1. White light particle being ( lower realms of heaven ???)
  2. Human being corrupted body outside Heaven

7.New earth glorified body ( fully transparent morphing body)

  1. Fire body in ancient of days throne
  • Diamond crystal type body

  • Before Dark throne

    1. Rainbow coloured body before thrones

    2. Invisible bodies for not being seen.

    3. Morphing body so we can shape shift