You are a gate to translate heaven to Earth – Opening Everlasting Doors 

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework (Jan 2016)

This revelation may change

Remember Moses never had a bible and the bible is just revelation that was never meant to end there. It was a sample that a council decided to pull together. We were always meant to do relationship with the trinity and share revelation not fully rely on academically understanding the bible and thus eating from  the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

In agreement with mike parsons here that everlasting doors are ways in which the original first Adam had access to the  glory of god so he could walk in heaven and earth at the same time (psalm 24).

We are gates but I encountered everlasting doors over the ecclesia and here are a few possibles (See they are linked with the 12 laws of Zion). Also saw the doors represent the manifest sons frequencies.

It was as if we turned inward to PULL open the door personally to release this on ourselves and outward to PUSH the door out to the universe and body.

TRUTH – saw the whole bible and living letters flood into me and oozing out of me that I became a lower form of the living word (Jesus). As I turned outward to release it to the universe it came out of my mouth like a stream of living letters.

FATHERING – engaged many fathers and pulled door open for myself then saw major fathers like Moses and Abraham being released as I pushed the door open. To bring the knowledge of FATHERING to the world.

ANGELS – (like Jacobs ladder) releasing angels on the earth. We are also a gate through which angels pass through when we mandate angels in court of angels .

SCROLLS – when I opened my personal door saw heaps of scrolls falling over me. When I opened it for the ecclesia I saw SCROLLS being released  into the atmosphere.

FREQUENCY  – could hear sounds representing frequency of heaven. Pushing the door outward I felt notes released from David’s tent. To operate out of a higher age it is good to ask what the frequency means .

AGES – was told that I could open the door to release the age of the ecclesia to enhance the understanding of what this means .

ORDER – saw fruits of the spirit coming out of love joy peace patience etc.

LIFE – felt like I was releasing the garden of Eden and all its beauty.

PEACE – felt like wave of water washing all things that didn’t matter away and leaving what did.

FIRST LOVE GATE – saw immense light and purity. When I released it for the ecclesia I saw hearts being poured out over the earth.

MANIFEST SONS – saw transfigured men and was able to translocate and bless someone.

TRADING DOORS – saw this allows  Holy trading and a quicker way than taking every little thing to court religiously (doesn’t mean we don’t go to court when genuine repentance is felt but we must not do court cases as religious practices as a safety net). We must want to not sin again and rule that this has no power over me.

RESONANCE – resonance allows u to agree in unity with the body.

CREATION – released perfection and new creations.

SACRIFICE – felt like I was experiencing what Jesus did dying on the cross when I turned inward and like I was releasing the resurrection when outward. Saw swords too like the flaming sword that we have to engage to be able to eat from the tree of life.

TIME AND SPACE – I pulled the door inward and engaged myself along the timeline first my younger self and reassured her in times of distress and my older self reassured me. When I pushed door outwards I released knowledge and comfortableness with dimensions and time.

WISDOM –  pulled door inwards and saw lady wisdom, prudence, seven pillars of wisdom, and king Solomon. Pushed door outward and released the wisdom of heaven to the atmosphere of the earth.

CHANCELLORSHIP – engaged Melchizedek inwardly and released all the chancellors when I turned outwardly and pushed the door outward.

KINGS – saw many kings in the bible and acknowledged them and came into agreement with their scrolls. When I pushed the door outward KINGS were released into the atmosphere of the earth.

LORDS – engaged many of the cloud of witnesses and honoured them. Then pushed the door outwards to release the knowledge of everyone being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

LIGHT – I see this as an immense way of releasing the light of the world to increase conscious awakening .

LAND- see this as an accelerated way of dealing with land issues rather than spiritual mapping . We can open gate for our city and region we have a mandate for .

INFINITY – Saw a mandate to open this door to allow many to engage this dimension .

HOPE – it was as if the whole of heaven was being released on me as I opened it on myself , then turned and released this to the earth by pushing the door outwards

More detail on what they are:

ANCIENT OF DAYS – to allow those who want to reside in the abode of god (eternity). Dan 7:27

“~‘Then the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints (believers) of the Most High; His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him.’”

‭‭DANIEL‬ ‭7:27‬ ‭AMP‬‬

12 laws of Zion