Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework . This revelation may change and we invite affirmation or for you to dialogue with us in our community groups . 

My scroll is to be part of restoring the Ecclesia back to a heavenly and biblical blueprint. I have been working this out for many years as a Christian leadership coach and CEO of the Church Excellence Framework, and more recently the Ecclesia Framework. I have many years researching and consulting with leading figures on this subject, and can now see a holistic picture forming, where many have focused on one aspect, such as missional or organic or marketplace or evangelism.  God gave me a picture of threads of denominations coming together to make one strong rope hence One United body.

This is my understanding of the heavenly and biblical blueprint I have seen in heaven. It is an evolving document and help in expanding it would be welcomed. We would also  welcome working with you in any way you feel a mandate to contribute.

WHAT I saw
  • I asked to see the new Jerusalem ( rev 21) which is the city we are meant to operate out of and where Abraham was going 
  • and saw a place where all were under the house of Jesus but connecting here and there, introducing each other, moving in and out of rooms after a while but all were welcome to go in and out and nothing was static under a man.
  • In another encounter  with another, asking about the heavenly blueprint for the Ecclesia, this is what we saw. We went in through the veil of life to the Holy of holies and saw a castle. We agreed to go in and as we saw inside we knew it represented the new Ecclesia. Everyone was mixing together and very happy.
  • They were allowed to move freely into other rooms and gather with those they had something in common with without feeling they were an outsider and had to ask permission to engage with that group. They were doing relationship but were more free to go where thier scroll took them and not with those in charge. They did not have to be approved by their attendance or commitment or criteria of another but they were there by their giftings and scroll. There was a huge banqueting table in the main room that accommodated all where feasting was occurring.
  • It was a true family not a hierarchy or prison, it was not under apostles or a board and leaders of individual entities but Jesus. Facilitators looked to the needs of others so people were truly joyous. Everyone was giving to everyone else in different ways according to their needs. There was a lot of movement so it looked like there was no regular church gathering.
  • We felt led to walk away from the castle to get a greater perspective and saw that the Ecclesia was just a small part of the bigger operations of heaven which we had to be mindful of. The seven spirits, the Angels  and Jesus surrounded it.
This is how I would express it structurally:-
  • A lot of one anothering more than static hubs. Resources from different apostolic resource centres. Deep relationships cemented by scrolls.
  • Organic expressions that move and change according to what gods people need not permanent buildings that people attend for years not looking outside or meeting only with each other.
  • Large Corporate gatherings are not weekly but periodic allowing people to connect in many other different ways fostering true fellowship. When corporate it may be several groups together.
  • Not led by a senior paid pastor, but leaders as facilitators and administrators . If unity, good discipleship and real multiplication takes place with unity with other expressions,  groups should be small enough to not require major salaried positions thus overcoming the clergy/laity divide.
  • People gather to go into heaven together to form agreement, meet according to scrolls/mandates and one anothering moving away from gathering in static groups.
  • Benches of 3 arise in areas or over mandates/blueprints as they form relationships, go into heaven together to legislate  and come into agreement providing a window for it to be translated to the earth.
  • A mandate may have seven areas attached to it so a bench of 7 can be formed to allow mutual subjection to each other.
  • People are inclusive in their gatherings and move on when their mandate changes. We seek to empower not vet people or find them a job.
  • One anothering happens a lot to facilitate growth, networking, sharing resources everyone seeking to know.
  • People seek resources from all over the world to ensure they have the mind of Christ. Only looking in a network is limiting and prone to missing profound apostolic input.
  • We are the Ecclesia when we are at work and in every place not just in a meeting.
  • Mutual subjection to each as a son of God is important honouring all and ensuring their callings are honoured and their insights from the lord listened to.
  • If no purchased buildings and no weekly large corporate gatherings, no money collected , no spending on sound equipment, furniture , salaries as everyone does a little and we move away from professionalism . 7 spirits tutor us not courses and qualifications in this or that . 
  • people encouraged to interact with non believers and community projects in the community not hidden projects in a church seeking to get people to come to a church.
  • People promote the resources of those they fellowship with so honouring those mandates even if they don’t totally agree with them. No shame about being involved with heavenly realms . 
  • True Biblical Unity is finding a way of working together on a regular basis  not just coming together for a combined event of many churches or a conference .
  • As people take their place in the court of 70 , council of the fathers , and even galactic counsel ( down the track when they have legislated a great deal ), they move from legislating on benches to being a chancellor hearing cases and making judgements . 


  • This is a really good video about organic and learning to disciple.
  • I see this in heaven – I do not see large churches like we have had before with a bench over them.
  • Nor do I see benches of 3 over a regular meeting – this is not allowing Jesus to be the head . Benches I see as more legislating . 
  • I discern that benches are over spiritual mandates governing in heaven and so ruling over the seven mountains of society. We now have many legislative groups you can join . 
  • I see people using multiple embassies to support organic expressions like three meeting, maybe a small hub, one anothering, groups legislating over mandates.
  • People listening to material across the world, serving the poor in society not in a church building, reaching out in the marketplace and acting as kings mandating new laws and creating over our workplace!!  Each can multiply itself.  Jesus never said plant a church but he said go and make disciples.


Alan Hirsch has understood the ecclesia to a depth few have – this video is only  a few minutes but could change everything about how we do church.