NOT TAKING CAMP – Journal e-book by Jane Johnson

A donation is requested – please contact heavenly realms support group Facebook page.

This is a 2- 3 year record of my journey in heavenly realms.

I was told it would be typical of what a son could experience and shows the journey and massiveness of the mandate we are being called to. I see you will learn very quickly from this type of record as it is very practical.

I do not personally take any money for anything to show how money is not a driving force for me.

We have seen giving as an important way Heaven still operates though and I feel a mandate to support facilitators fathering people into heavenly realms.

So a donation to access this material would be wonderful.


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You will be able to get a PayPal email and the password to access this on the website

Any who really want this material but can not afford a donation please still apply