New Earth 1

By Jane Johnson 2018

Here is our first encounter together there as part of discovery ascension

Characteristics I have seen in encounters with others and some alone

  • seeing we are to call others in like an opening flower – embracing them in the new realms
  • We can morph
  • No thrones of god and god is in all
  • Anything physical sings the glory and praise of god
  • Everything is in complete harmony
  • Scenes collapse and morph into new ones so we can change environments
  • We can create new environments by light coming forth from our core
  • We create new animals that do not hurt others (confirmed by scripture revelation 21 lion lays down with the lamb)
  • We can change the colour of things through Our will
  • We Call objects solid or fluid according to what we need and this is how spiritual and physical become one (we can choose to walk on water or walk into another dimension
  • Everything is one so we are not seeing god as a seperate person
  • The sky is multicoloured reflecting gods glory
  • Similarity to old earth but some differences
  • No hell , no fallen angels ,
  • Everyone bows to Christ. Non believers are not a feature here
  • We can distort the rules of gravity / we can bounce/spring off walls, spin, elevate
  • All are honoured by everyone
  • We can create angels as we can do what the father can as we are in him and one . No separation . The father is immensely creative at his core and we see an ongoing cycle of life flowing from eternity but creation in new earth returning and joining to eternity so all is one
  • Eternity infinity and new earth are connected but seperate identities like the trinity
  • No money is needed and giving is an automatic response as resources are pulled out of the environment
  • No night as gods glory presides constantly
  • No concept of time
  • Perfect Abundance we pull out of the atmosphere
  • No marriage with other humans
  • Complete family ( everyone is family together) –
  • We can withdraw into heavens eternity and not be physically present on the earth
  • We eat if we choose
  • No false governance
  • All mature sons
  • complete security/identity
  • All are safe and well
  • Complete infused knowledge
  • There is a new day every day – creating this is bliss not just being
  • Reigning as co heirs with Christ over all we create in partnership

See rest in the bible always meant HOW we do things , rather than not doing anything. God is never static but always expanding as is the universe. God carried on after the 7 th day to keep creating and ruling and bringing us into the new Heaven and new earth .

This is the bliss of ecstasy and union. For ever changing outside of time. Enjoying the whole body and creation not just the godhead.