Myths Surrounding Finding your Scroll/Calling/Mountains  

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework

Here are a few myths I see in heaven when engaging the body regularly:-

  1. God will tell me my scroll when I am ready – your scroll was imprinted on your heart the moment you were born.
  2.  I am learning other things at the moment and will get round to it – SCROLLS AFFECT EVERYTHING YOU DO WITH YOUR DAY – you are working out some scroll whether you realise it or not, so isn’t it better to find your highest calling.
  3.  I have sought my scroll but can’t see anything  – We know we are all called to the new wineskin to go and make disciples AND TO THE LOST, so no one can say they don’t know their scroll.
  4. Responsibility is not for me – I believe it is mainly about intimacy – Whether we like it or not we take responsibility for something in the world. We are called to take dominion and even create or name animals (Genesis 2). Intimacy can lead to being very insular if not balanced with responsibility. Even Jesus took responsibility in the trinity.
  1. if some time has passed and you are having problems even getting a mountain on your scroll ask yourself if you are fighting responsibility somewhat and tether to having your highest destiny . The most profound coronations and destiny is there for you beyond your wildest dreams