More on why I don’t believe everything is just going to get better without the sons acting

Most of us don’t know when the 1000 yrs were completed ( spoken of in rev 20). A key question I believe

Rev 19 talks of a great battle between kings and the beast against the rider of the white horse ( jesus ).

Satan is cast to the earth for a short time after the 1000 yrs

We have only recently seen people getting bodies back ( first resurrection) . This happens after Satan released .

Satan is said to deceive nations and then be cast into the lake of fire

De’Ath and hades must be throne into lake of fire ( rev 20:14). Before the full new Jerusalem can come for all.

We must ask have the 144000 taken their place on mt Zion yet . I sense that currently all have not taken their place and hence the full weight of authority is not bearing down on the earth to make everything go in an upward projectile .

If everything was finished in revelation why do we all not experience new earth ?

Jesus is spoken of as coming to tred the wine press of his Wrath ? Rev 19:15. When is that ?

We still have trading without the mark of the beast and Babylon hasn’t fallen . How can revelation be complete without that ?

The woman on the beast ( ie Babylon) . Rev 17. The beast is talked about as once was , yet will come . I see many expressions of the beast over time. Here they talk about making war against the lamb . Do we know this has happened ?

I see many unable to address these issues clearly but saying revelation is complete .

We must have the maturity to ask about these things and not Naively accept a broad statement that says the book is finished

If Christ died before foundation of the world , how significant is Christ’s death on earth to the finished works? Couldn’t you argue all was finished before the foundation of the earth and out of time one may argue it is finished – but not for our timeline I see

So maybe both are true and no conflict between arcs needs to happen ?