Mistakes we don’t want to repeat in building the new wineskin 

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia framework

Having spent a lot of time on researching under the guidance of the Holy Spirit the big picture of the demise of the Christian reputation in society and traditional church, here are some conclusions I discerned from heaven TO AVOID –

Form INSULAR HUBS that just look to each other for input once a fortnight.

Not know how to multiple disciples.

Look to one APOSTOLIC RESOURCE CENTRE for input thereby missing some part of the puzzle (this is what happens in a lot of networks).

Focus on knowledge before developing real intimacy by applying KNOWLEDGE and being OBEDIENT to being a living sacrifice.

Feel professionals are the only ones that can MINISTER and be INTIMIDATED. This movement is about the EVERYDAY disciples changing the world.

Rushing into developing a large gathering without understanding the mistakes of former traditional church and learning how to be a FACILITATOR not a dominant leader.

Seek only heaven and NOT use the body. We will NEVER get all revelation ourselves otherwise there is no part for others to play and the father loves delegation.

Think FACE TO FACE local gathering  is the only way to do the Ecclesia. There are four levels to the Ecclesia (See our page on this).

Think worship as in singing songs is our ultimate purpose. We were created as SPIRIT BEINGS for Union which then leads to creating and dominion.

Think of attending a Sunday service and a small group is the main way to grow.

Put up CAMP in a new place INSTEAD of constantly evolving.

Look at every new revelation with a prove it to me attitude that blocks our gateways and doesn’t allow REAL truth to be transmitted.

Be caught in the wilderness by trying a few things but then not be fully willing to follow God.

Create set ways of encountering heaven and so turn this into a religious movement.

Put yourself under a PASTOR or LEADER. You are a powerful son and formal pastor roles are NOT biblical roles.

Trade on knowledge by charging a fee or withholding resources and insisting on copyright so the body can’t build on revelation. Self sufficiency and part-time roles allow less dominance and power to a few.

Video by Michele hart founder of company of heaven dwellers