Mistakes of the Old Wineskin

Written by Jane Johnson – Founder of Ecclesia Framework.

Here are some that Mike parsons has seen and that I have seen.

  • Failure to prepare for the harvest
  • Blocking gateways so creating denominations according to their levels of openness.
  • Failure of the 5 fold ministries to equip the church.
  • The body abdicated responsibility for understanding church structures to pastors – this was too much pressure on pastors who then supported families from their professional salary and so struggled to change that set up.
  • Not working in unity so we missed elements of the heavenly blueprint by only seeking input from a narrow band of people or networks.
  • Building the reputations of men and often ministers having extravagant lifestyles at  expense of giving to the poor.
  • Owning buildings that don't allow a church to morph organically and need large resources to maintain an infrastructure.
  • Defending sacred cows of theology and doctrine.
  • Promoting the devil more than angels.
  • Making a generation of dependent slaves who need ministry to function not manifest sons.
  • Failure to lead people into their destinies and help with scrolls/calling.
  • Failure to honour the congregation and subdue them to spectators or helpers with small areas in the church and not in their highest calling or recognise the workplace contribution.
  • Creating religious systems from the pathway of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of the tree of life.
  • Establishing businesses out of worship and celebrities out of servants.
  • The body did not challenge heresy but resigned themselves to accepting less.
  • Resigning ourselves to a spectator consumerist lifestyle instead of setting our hearts on intimacy , responsibility and cleansing.
  • Not being willing to leave traditional church so limiting the amount we can see by trading into a wrong floor.