List of Facilitating Fathers

List of Facilitating Fathers  Updated 12/3/2018

  • For sowing / trading into.
  • With their PayPal info.
  • If you don’t have a PayPal account then click PayPal.Me.
  • If you do have a PayPal account then use their e-mail with your PayPal account.

You may want to check PayPal fees.

  • And find something that charges a smaller fee for your country.
  • Please let us know if you find a better way to send funds from your country.

Each of these fathers has, at the very least, been crowned in City Everlasting.

  • Each is facilitating at least an encounter or a chat or both.
  • Some are doing much more than this.
  • Some are working full-time or near full-time for the Ecclesia.
  • Many have left their jobs to do so.
  • I would suggest that you give to those who are giving to you.
  • And / or give as led or by mandate.

Some fathers are facilitating beginners groups. 

  • We don’t ask that Beginners support their facilitators.
  • These fathers are much less likely to receive donations from those they facilitate.
  • These fathers include Patience, Samone, Titch and Alfi.