Letter to the Ecclesia

July 2017 – From Jane Johnson – priest and king of our lord Jesus, the one and only true lord, king of kings. Written as inspired by the Holy Spirit and seven spirits. July 2018.

To the dear Ecclesia whom we constantly hold in our hearts, for whom we have sacrificed dearly to bring you to your full destiny and maturity which you were called to before time began.

You were created before the beginning of all time to be fully one with your maker. To see, enter, inherit and possess the full strands of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With this you become the pure and spotless bride who is in full union with the godhead. You then can live fully from new earth and new Heaven being a new creation, the one new man. Jew and gentile combined, forming a new generation of the new Adam.

Adam in the garden east of Eden where the serpent is, is not what we are going back to. Eden is not your final place. Nor New Jerusalem, nor Zion.

Infinity is not your final place. The city of God Abraham was looking for is one of our homes. As one united body you come home, all with family.


Dwelling with complete honor is your destiny. The honor you were supposed to have been given from the body is yours in the city of God.


When you become like a child you live in a state of dependence on all the father has for you, giving up any sense of what you perceive is the way. This causes you to eat off the tree of life.


When you see your fullest destiny IN YOUR book of destiny, this gives immense joy to run the race. The race is to be done in rest but this does not mean comfort.

Rest is to do nothing out of poor identity or independence but to sit next to father on one of his many thrones ruling with confidence in the full identity as everything your father possesses.


When you grasp the fullness of all the identity father has for you you see the magnificence of your calling. Everlasting father, prince of peace, wonderful, counsellor describes who you are in Christ.


Don’t take camp on your journey which means understanding the different ages you are called to operate from. When you grasp this you see how there are many different ways to operate in my kingdom. Understand the difference and you will live a wise life. You’re not called to live in ignorance of the more mature things that a son is called to.

Do not resist or practice self government of your own life for in this you will reap much sadness.


come to take your place in the fullness of new earth. Do not deny yourself any moment of living at less than full ecstasy. With that you will enjoy an immortal life that was your birthright.

De’Ath was never my intention for you.