Letter to the Australian Ecclesia

Written through Jane Johnson but inspired by the Seven spirits – Dec 2018

Be the great nation you are meant to be.

The nation who will be the great land of the Holy Spirit.

You have hidden too long but now is the time that you stand your ground.

When you see all you can be you will want to show yourself.

You have observed the new wineskin and now is the time to embrace it all. Become the wineskin.

You have been embarrassed by being a full expressive Christian but trade no more on this floor. Release your emotion and you will see all that I have for you.

Be one Family. One body will be stronger than its part. See how strong my seven spirits are working together. Use them to release the fullness of heaven. They are your crown.

You can become a crown as you engage them together. The living letters are your friend too. They will create one body if you release them.

The work is not for you to carry out ongoing but release them to do this ongoing. You are the overseer releasing them.

I am in you and you are in me therefore you are authorised to do as I have done. Have confidence that you are well capable.