Keys to Immortal Life

Justin Abraham on reasons to believe in immortality

Written by Eric Raphael

The key 🔑 to immortal life and resurrecting the old saints is to actually know Death was not the original blueprint . We were never meant to die .

2nd key 🔑 we have the keys to death and hell in Christ! We can raise the lost who have died and give new bodies to the Christians who died without their bodies remaining immortal.

3rd 🔑 we have the power and authority to forgive sins on behalf of the whole body (not individuals). In our own courtroom.

4 key – we are discovering is living out of Eden , new earth and eternity giving over complete personal government of our lives

The Zion, New Jerusalem, New heaven and new earth mentality is to literally let go of sin- no more remembering your own sin- no more remembering other’s sins against them!


I believe there are layers and differences of

1.) long Living is different from being immortal

2.) there is being immortal

A.)- immortal with some aging

B.)Immortal – without aging

C.)Immortal – if someone injuries u – u recover


We become the pure and spotless bride in revelation 21 , if we choose to govern from the age of new beginnings governing as the descending New Jerusalem

Romans 5:12 desribes the spread of death once it entered. “Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned— ” If there was a spread of death into all , meant there is also a spread of corruption into each of us resulting from spiritual death and eventually and inevitably, under the old age, spreading through every individual living thing resulting in physical death.

Once death is overcome the process is reversed in each of us. Corruption which has been spreading in each of us since our conception is now withdrawing from each of us resulting in a quickening, a spread of life within each of us. When this quickening process is finished each of us will have been renewed.

In the words of Psalm 103:5 our youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

Encounter about immortality


If u are struggling going beyond courts and going to age of new beginnings and not joined our New Jerusalem discovery

Watch this !!!