Journal of Heavenly Realms Experiences

 Written by Jane Johnson founder of Ecclesia Framework


Listened to a lot of Ian claytons free you tubes and saw his immense calling as a true apostle. Many things I had been shown before so it all resonated with my spirit. Began learning about angels, courts, men in white linen and cloud of witnesses from mike parsons free you tubes and the importance of honouring them but not worshipping them . Angels will always appear behind us so not to cause us to worship them forming an arc over us.

I already had my first love gate very strongly open so did not focus on this greatly . But made sure I choose to open every Gateway every day and if felt stuck checked which was my weakest .

Cleansing myself from the fear of imagination and pursuing intimacy.The more I engaged the more it seemed to engage me.  Read Ian Claytons book Reals of Heaven which helped enormously.

Men In White Linen

Saw 6 Men in White linen assigned to my scroll and a timeline for their mandates. About a year later ,I was taken into the court of men in white linen and was given a crown as I sought to come into alignment with their scrolls.

Felt many decades ago I was given a mandate similar to Joan of Arc and felt her empowering. Heard confirming word from Clayton that Joan of arc was looking for an army of God . Had a visual sighting in colour in heaven of her for one second .

Felt I was called to a bench of 3 with her. At a later date I was desiring to be part of a bench of 3 and struggling to find one in the natural. Saw a clear visitation from peter the apostle and knew I was to come into agreement with his scroll to form a bench of 3 for my mandate.

Felt my scroll been given to me and a blueprint downloaded. Had great understanding of many things I had not seen before.


Dealt with crowns taken off in my life and restored them where I had allowed others to take away who I am in Christ.  I  traded on the sea of glass giving my life as a sacrifice in return for authority and restoration.  Did a lie busting exercise and engaged a mentor.

Began going into the courts by faith everyday .  Choosing  to open gateways  daily and a lot of going into the courts by faith repenting agreeing with the accuser. Continuing to deal with my weakest gateways daily . Standing with Jesus at my gateways and looking to see if any thing is blocking them .

Asked God to keep opening up my 5 senses

Investiture as a King

Had an investiture ceremony where I was shown to a throne and given a crown, robe, orb and fiery sword  in different encounters before I even knew others had the same given . Later realised the orb was a sign of kingly function . Collected  my stones from the river of life to go into my breastplate.  I clearly saw a picture in colour of a blue sapphire ring that was given to me to evidence authority.

Told I was a queen

Marriage covenant

Carried out a marriage covenant where I declared what I was willing to commit to God. Was taken into the bridal chamber after the ceremony and saw Jesus washing my feet, then presented with a white gown, flowers and taken out to be presented as a bride of Christ. Met people in heaven.  Was then given a mansion where I could rule from.


Learnt about the four faces of God and felt the urge to roar over things regularly or engage the eagle flying over nations to release the prophetic. Started to engage lion and ox faces directly in front of me breathing into my stomach .


Began to see the garden of God and lie in green pastures. Swam in the river of life and picked up stones and put them in my  breastplate and went up the waterfall. Enjoyed the green pastures ( ps 23). Experienced great refreshment and started to build my garden with the seeds of righteousness. Planted trees and they grew with crowns on them that I have used.  Went into Satan’s trophy room and mandated the angels to reclaim things stolen from me.

Four chambers of the heart

Desired to dance with Jesus .Experienced the dance floor where felt my DNA was changed (it was like lasers lights going over and I had the freedom to move in all sorts of three dimensional directions.) I go there when I feel the need to experience joy.

Top of river of life 

Went into the top of the river to engage the father where  the crystals are more intense.(see Clayton podcast ). Found I could hug the father and felt like my body was exploding into tiny parts of gold that were radiating to the earth to bring gods glory 


Clarified my mountains and began to rule on my mountains and started putting together cases when I had my mandate. Took it to the house of chancellors for authorisation and then the court of angels to release those and the court of war to get the strategy.

Was told I had qualities of a good judge . Started to see if I can hear cases . Some times I saw both sides of a case in the natural and made a ruling and presented it as a case .

Shown father, son, Holy Spirit, and the 7 spirits all together as a big family with me united. Shown the preciousness of this family. Felt I had a real family in heaven .

Golden Bride

Given gold which melted on the sea of glass and covered me so I became a golden bride. Which I think purified and strengthened me and returned me to the original state we came from which is gold dust . We can go to the golden mountain. Was presented as a golden bride.

Trading Floor

Began trading on the sea of glass with the crowns god had given me and the acts of righteousness I had done. I trade generally for more intimacy, revelation and fulfilment of my scroll.


Taken up stairs  to metatrons cube to begin to experience entrance to the stars and time. Had an experience of going through the walls and into the atmosphere. I felt myself whirling around the earth with a cloud coming around the earth. I asked where I was and what issues god wanted me to be aware of. I felt I was at the time around the white policy in Australia and to deal with and rework history.

Banqueting Table

Was taken to the banqueting table (psalm 23) where I could eat things which brought great refreshment as I felt I came very hungry and thirsty. Saw others at this table and then saw pictures of several men in white linen who were a bench of three for me to outwork my scroll.

Purifying Flame

I have been in a purifying flame where I felt all the rubbish I had collected was being burnt. I stepped out of the flame and experienced like a black cloud where the presence of the father was intense. I was on my knees with my eyes closed weeping and sensed the joy of the father I was there.  The next time I went in I felt to hide under the shadow of the almighty where the hand of God could go over me to release his glory. The next time I went in I felt God to say to stand up but I still had my eyes closed. I could only stand a few seconds here.
Felt the father say go into a room to talk to me – this is where I was able to discuss things with the father.

I felt the father say to go to the living room where I could relax in his presence and converse easier. It felt like the return of the prodigal son and a real sense of being home and family.

Sapphire Cube

I have been in the sapphire cube and felt like lights coming from my chest creating new laws on the earth. Really understand about creating in this place. Understood how it was related to the first set of commandments that were smashed by Moses.


Visited the arc where I felt an intense power and light coming from this and desire to bring my scroll into it. The Angels move their wings back to release anointing on to the earth . We can stand in place of lucifer and form an arc and see revelation. I keep seeing like liquid gold so bright that I can not see much . I placed my head in the arc and got a lot more anointing where it felt as if my head was covered in gold when I came out . Was very drunk  in the spirit after .

Learnt how we can see the tablet , manna and rod but not seen this yet .


I visited the tent of meeting. Immediately I saw Jesus turn up at the door in his full presence. I was blown away at the intimacy. I was then able to have a dialogue with him about concerns and felt very courageous to change things. I have felt the urge to raise a rod like Moses when I want to see big changes happen.  Asked Jesus if he could take me to  see Melchezidek.

MATRIX (WOMB and Water)

Started to engage the matrix which felt like going back in the water of the womb where there was such security but also reformation.

Understanding about the galaxy being in water and the power of water to transform. Learning more about going in water in the womb for transformation. This is a place where I felt my body turned inside out and my spirit man move to the outside. It was a place where I felt so safe and so have been in an out of this getting used to being under water .

Influence of the planets

Learning more about the masaroth and how we need to untether ourselves from the influence of the plants, the sun and the moon and also our soul that wants to make us live in this world. Went in and renounced the influence.

Establishing pillars of fire on the earth

Asked to meet Enoch and abram. Asked they would open my eyes with understanding .Saw a lot of pillars of fire which I think may be manifest sons of God.

Mountain of God

Learnt that we have to wait for a name to be given us before we can go into the mountain of God.

We are all from the 12 tribes of Israel that relate to the maseroth. Felt my name was the son of Benjamin as this was in relation  to my birth date. Went up the mountain

Chancellors Houses

Was shown to a new throne and given a seal. Engaged prudence to open the chancellor’s houses and went into the precept house. Ordered the precepts and saw a large stamp/ seal saying they have been approved so they could be made into statutes. Felt the church had got all the precepts backwards.

Set up myself as boundary stone where my frequency could resonate to change the atmosphere .

Gods Mountain

I was led into this by Jesus who I met when I went into the tent of meeting. I saw God on the throne at a distance and felt comfortable being there. He welcomed me and came off the throne to hold my hand and show me round. I was shown the court of fathers and judges and given an explanation of how they work. I started to feel I could see the difference between the realms of  eternity, realm of perfection, heaven of heaven as we begin to see the difference between the realms involving presence, government and domain.

Hebrew Letters

I saw the Hebrew letters in a visual picture coming towards me clearly. I started to engage them in the sapphire cube. Each of the letters shows aspects of gods character. Have not really felt a pull to engage the further as wanted to go direct to the arc. Saw living letters creating new things on sides of the sapphire cube according to what was in my spirit.

Hand of God

Learning to stretch out my hand in heaven and hold the rod of Moses to exercise authority . Gods hand can reach out to us and hold us up.

Breath of God

Feel like I need to roar  over things like a lion all the time which indicates my kingly strategic giftings .Allowing faces of God to breath over me. Strong engagements regularly with the lions face more than others.

Visions of People in Need

Started seeing certain people  visually while awake and felt the need to start translocating to go and help them as they were in distressing circumstances .

Stepping into Jesus , the father and the spirit of truth .Feel their DNA as if we don’t need to hear words but become like them


Studied all baptisms and asked for them

Felt need to repent constantly ,( repentance baptism), understood the father more ( baptism of fathers ) and the marriage covenant under the cloud with the baptism of glory. Choosing to crucify my life with Christ each day for baptism of death . Felt like I am on the cross when repenting of sins on behalf of a nation .

 Furnace experience

When I went up to the top of the river I encountered the father’s presence and sensed he asked me to go with him .

I asked where we were going and he said to the furnace. I was rather shocked as I had not heard of this but I agreed that I was happy for this process  as I knew it would entitle me to further intimacy. I stepped into the flame and felt as if my body had disintegrated and I became a full spirit being.

I was then able to be presented in heaven as a  son of God it felt like  .

Royal charter scroll given me 

Saw Jesus coming towards me with a scroll. When I asked what it was he said” A charter”.I researched this and found that it was in the olden days authorisation to build an organisation or a city.

Flash of lightening

Saw a large Horizontal flash on a calm day . Heard that some are seeing this. Gods voice is often described in the bible as thunder and lightening

Meeting Melchezidek

When I met Jesus at the tent of meeting I asked Jesus if he could introduce me to Melchezidek. I saw him and he took me to 3 storerooms . He is treasurerer of the finances in heaven and the chief chancellor. He showed me a store of gold , silver and bronze . I said why do we need finances and he told me how gold is part of returning us back to how we were created out of gold. I think I heard silver was for purifying and bronze  for strengthening our heart .

Placed my treasures in my storehouse

Started to do court cases for my mandates

Melting hearts

Felt Jesus wanted to press hearts together and saw a transference of his love for others going into me. It was like really like becoming one with him

Judgement seat of Christ

I put myself before the judgement seat expecting judgement . I saw Jesus knight me with a sword and then take me to an open door where all the Angels were gathering . It was as if the process of being willing to be judged was the most important thing  for maturity. I planted this experience in my garden

Book of destiny

Asking God to reveal what is in my book and how I can bring my life in line with it

Understanding the scrolls of the men in white linen and how we need to come into alignment with them . Saw my scroll was linked with Elijah returning a nation back to God and overcoming the Jezebel spirit of manipulation and control

The well

Asked Jesus if I could experience the well. Had sensation of plunging deep to the bottom almost like the bottom of the sea. As I began to swim at the bottom I saw wooden boxes which I opened. I got the sense angelic beings  were released from these boxes to the earth.

Sword of truth

Feeling strong desire for real truth. Sensed I needed to envelop the sword of truth.

My scroll

Sensed the scroll of Elijah was linked with my scroll to return a nation back to God. Sensed the Jezebel spirit of control was something that needed a court case to remove to see this happen. Praying for others with similar scroll to connect with.

Went into heavenly realms for the Australian  Ecclesia and stood as a boundary stone over the nation and Melbourne .

Birds being released

Saw flock of birds in a heart shape. This was the people of God that God wanted to unite in love . I then saw the spirit of the lord blow the birds away representing that he wanted his people to start being released in their scrolls free to fly without restriction of a church holding them back gathering resources from the whole body of Christ

Holy Spirit encounter

Asked if I could be shown the Holy  spirit.Was such a fun experience -rushing around me showing me places .

Going back to how it was in the beginning

Shown some great revelation about creation of the earth and heavens from Genesis .

Before the throne

Read in Ezekiel 1 about God being like burnished bronze in top half and flame in bottom so as I visualised this I suddenly felt as if I was on fire . It was good though and I felt as if it allowed me to spread the passion of God .

Unity of the body

Set my desire on unity as I saw the immense exponential effect of working together  .Saw many coming into a circle holding hands . As they moved closer they joined hands in the centre and there was a sudden explosion of power .

The mountain of joy

Discovered there was a mountain of joy so started to climb up the path . It felt as if the trees were singing and clapping and I sensed greater joy the higher I climbed. It was glorious and a place to go for great joy!!! Returned again and found that a party had been organised for me where I was the guest of honor !!!! I felt such joy as I felt so special .

Moses holding back the red sea

Told I was to act like Moses and take up apostolic authority to part the sea and hold the water back so others could transfer over into the promised land.

Moving from  King to son

After I had been to the furnace I was taken by Jesus and presented as a  son of God in heaven.

Engaged with cloud of witnesses and engaging heaven for Australia

Saw angels gathering at the four corners of Australia holding hands . Came into agreement with those that had this scroll in the cloud of witnesses that wanted to  see Australia return to being a Christian nation . Went in as a 3 for the Australian Ecclesia and saw  spirits of independence and “she will be alright ” holding back the nation.  Went in for Melbourne and saw a spirit hanging onto the tallest building in Melbourne . Dealt with it.

Engaged the spirit of promise

One of handmaidens is promise so engaged her to see promises from a long time ago fulfilled . Engaged the timeline in the future to release what I had been given. Remembered a promise I have been given from scripture to remove the stumbling blocks out of the way of my people. Brought that as evidence in a court case.

Finding peace in the river of life

Understood about peace coming from the river and set my desire on wanting peace . Went in the river and felt desire to float . Experienced the immense peace of relaxing and the water supporting me which represented God supporting me so I could know peace.

Spirit of holiness, spirit of excellence and life

Asked to engage these spirits . Stepped into holiness and saw complete white purity. Felt increasing desire for excellence . As I engaged spirit of life I felt such fun and excitement that I wanted to engage life more. Like being tickled and you want to play more.

The Cross

Heard Jesus say go to the cross. Walked into the cross. It was as if I had to agree to be crucified but as I stepped out I saw immense light . I knew I was in a whole new level of heaven .

Establishing a nest

Learnt that we can build a nest in the tree of life and do this for a  nation . Built a nest  for Australia .

Crown of joy  seeing how we need these to be recognised with authority and can only go in presence of God without them not the throne rooms.

engaged this and restored my crown of joy . With this crown I traded it for fruit for the Ecclesia . I felt like I had permission to be like a child and not always a responsible adult . Felt like I was in a movie running around so happy .

Crown of Glory(1 peter 5:4).  Restored this crown to enable the glory to come on me and be manifested to the spirit world. Realise it is needed to manifest the supernatural world .

Incorruptible crown( 1 cor 9:25)

Crown of the anointing oil( lev 21:12) this is given when we engage God in a relational way . Restoring this crown by engaging heavenly realms very frequently every day.

Crown of life for overcoming Temptations James 1:12. Felt I had so much energy when I restored this . Running about in heaven wanting to engage everywhere.

Desire to Breath Fire

Feeling an immense desire to breath fire over things to ignite passion, anointing , consume unhealthy things. I wonder if this is a result of the baptism of fire.

Gems given Me by Jesus
Seal given to me as I was led to a new throne . Wrapped in a white blanket of purity after allowing myself to hear what the accuser had to say and agreeing quickly . Lifted up by angels and flowers thrown as I was led to my new throne.

Engaged the chancellors house of precepts

Brooding over things and vibrating over things

Expanded my spirit so by faith it is on the outside . And hovered over my city and nation to change its frequency

Authorisation to develop an apostolic resource centre to model the new Ecclesia

Agreeing quickly with the accuser

Asked someone to take me into the courts for personal issues and see any accusations . Saw immense need for holiness as I realised what the accuser can say. Was given a new throne afterwards for willingness to go through this purification .

Desiring to understand the 12 laws of Zion

Started to see some revelation

Engaging arc of God

As I lent over the arc I Felt the desire to put my head right inside what appeared to be like liquid gold. It felt as if my face was glowing with glory maybe like Moses when he went up the mountain . Seeking to go here more to receive revelation .

Fiery stones

Set my desire to Engage the river of fire that comes from the throne as in daniel. Stepped in the river and felt as if my whole body was on fire. I came out of the river burning and climbed the fiery stones towards the throne where I really wanted to engage . It felt as if the fire was killing off any of my human nature / selfish side / ungodly elements so nothing was left of that only purity. I was so happy for this to have happened- it was worth going through the fire. I felt free to engage the throne fully . Each stone as I climbed up seemed to make  me resonate at a higher vibration . My body began to disappear bit by bit as I ascended . When I reached the throne I initially saw a glory cloud but this cleared and I saw the father seated and I was able like a child to talk with the father . The fiery stones are linked with the chancellors houses. Sank into the stones .
Engaging 12 elders by the throne

The 12 elders on the left are to do with 12 laws of Jerusalem and the 12 on the right to do with the 12 laws of Zion. I feel a mandate to understand more of the 12 laws of Zion as i engage the chancellors felt the spirit  calling me to engage The 12 elders connected with Zion. Beginning to get a sense of the 12 laws

Chancellors seal

Given a seal as a mark of a chancellor. Understanding 12 laws of Zion . Felt huge calling to the house of precepts ( ways). Heard how 12 houses are linked with psalm  119.

Stepping into the Father

Went to the mountain of God and wanted to understand the Father’s heart . Stepped into the father and felt his heart for the sons and his desire they know their worth. Felt as if my heart was melting into his and becoming one . Was beautiful and entrancing .

Throne of grace

Needed grace so Asked to engage this throne. Was a beautiful place .

joining with 2 others to go into heavenly realms to seek revelation about the Ecclesia

Testimony of being invisible

Someone called me and had seen me go invisible in a conference . Had sensed that I was going invisible and had many encounters where my body had disintegrated and was getting used to being a spirit being in the heavenly realms. Keep pulling my spirit over my body and soul each day .

Going down river of life rather than upstream

Found out that river is blocked downstream stopping the harvest.  Felt a strong desire to go there as so wanted to be part of bringing the harvest in our generation. Engaged Elijah as came into agreement with his scroll to return a nation and felt he wanted us to take a boat together down this river. I asked what was blocking the river and he said he would show me in the chancellor house . He took me to the affairs of the nation house. It was like lots of furniture and maps were dis arrayed and They represented how disorderly the spiritual affairs were.

Heard about Jesus returning physically to people as he still has his body as it disappeared.

Asking if I could cope with this???? Sense I need to move to a deeper level . Felt a strong sense of him holding me though .

Experience with men in white linen all coming into agreement . Angels were released and opened myself up as a gate and felt like they came through me to be released to the earth. Saw them attaching to people.

Felt as if I was hanging on the cross taking sin for the nation as I was willing to admit guilt –

Testimony of someone seeing me be invisible as I was in front of them

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