Encounters – Jane Johnson part 3

See part 1 and 2 for earlier encounters.

Vision of 7 spirits 

Saw a white cloud approaching me which turned into white horses as it got nearer . When it was right next to me it turned into spirit beings that had like a flame like appearance on their head. The one that was nearest me was blue all over. I sense this was spirit of might empowering me .

Eagles over head

I have Eagles in my garden daily but they never come to my top garden. The last few weeks they have come right over my head in a pair which seemed to represent an arc in my spirit . 

Quantum entanglement 

Felt as if my DNA was being quantumly entangled with the seven spirits as I sought to engage them. 

Throne of grace

Approached throne of grace for help with my scroll. Saw a treasure chest being given me that contained a seal . Was so encouraged that confirmed that authority was given me even if man did not respect heavenly authority . 

Seeing different mandates to be presented as cases to the court of 70 

Another Coronation ceremony jan 2016 

I engaged the trinity , the seven spirits my angels in a circle together and immediately was being robed and escorted out to a ceremony  and presented. I think this was for my work as a lower chancellor . 

Encounter in council of 70

Presented a case for unity of the body before council . Met many on the bench who were my men in white linen – it was like they were celebrating I had returned to who I was before the creation of the world . After I was given a large red stone 

Heard father say you are my child in whom I am well pleased.

Feels like Increasing my vibrations through metatron cube and arcing over menorah and connecting eternity with kingdom of earth. 

Engaging 7 spirits daily and getting great revelation of the new wineskin. 

Entangled father son and Holy Spirit together as one and felt an explosion where it seems like bits of gold dust from me restoring back to gold were scattered over the earth 


asked if I could visit Melchizedek city . Was suddenly given a throne and white robe and things were brought to my feet . Sensed this was beginning of engaging fully the order of Melchizedek and living out of there. 


sensed we have created a new wineskin and we  are nearly free and starting to live from the promised land