Journal of Heavenly Realms Experiences Part 2 

(See Part 1 for previous encounters)

Coronation experience as a King

Was previously invested as a King . Was engaging wisdom and she said follow me . I was taken to a formal ceremony and given the most beautiful embroidered robe and crown as I had started using my authority . Decreeing as a King and taking it to the courts of chancellors for authorisation and court of scribes to have it put in law.

Engaging the arc

Saw the manna and tablet and decide to eat the manna and place the tablet in my belly . Held the rod and after I did this it felt like my whole body was on fire. It felt that I could set things on fire so I went to the centre of Australia and I saw I set alight a spiritual bush fire.

More metatron experiences

See Ecclesia framework you tube Chanel

Finding a portal for angels to come through for the Ecclesia framework. Discerned the Angel uriel who is a messenger angel. Beginning to see him more clearly .

Opening up ancient wells and mandating angels in the river flowing through my city . I live right next to the river going in the city and felt I needed to send the Angels from there.

Saw river of life over Australia dried up and as a bench we opened it up and released water to flow over land .

Throne in Ezekiel 1

Engaged this as I engaged the living creatures . Visualised the throne as a rainbow as described in scripture and suddenly saw I had changed into rainbow colours . I think this may be a stage of becoming a full light being.

Coronation as a chancellor

I was given another crown and ceremony on a grand scale looking something like the Royal weddings in St. Paul’s cathedral. Lots watching and then taken outside to be presented to the people . Lots cheering . Had a beautiful gown . Have been working in the capacity of a chancellor for sometime authorising scrolls so I think this was in honor of that.

Embassies arcing over the world

Saw in heaven a picture of embassies linked to each other working with each other and people not just looking to one embassy as they will only have part of the picture .

Pillars of the temple

Saw 12 pillars supporting the roof of the temple. I believe those were the 12 apostolic resource centres around the world needed to build a healthy Ecclesia .

Saw Jesus asking us to intwine with each other so no one dominated as they would all be given pieces.

Baptism of unity

Took my concern that so many are sharing different things and discord amongst the body. Sensed from wisdom that it was because many had not had the baptism of unity.

Feel I need to sit in silence and engage by stepping into yeshua or the father . Can’t sing songs or if I kneel I feel that I must stand and join as co heirs . When I hold hands with the father and yeshua and holy  spirit I sense things being created like birds coming out of our bodies .


Learning that highest purpose is Union but creation always is the fruit of Union and then responsibility and dominion .

Legislating about baptism of unity .

A short time later heard how major names announced how God had told them about micro church which was so in line with what I had seen.

Encounter in precepts house of chancellors

After my investiture I was led here and went immediately to the side . Saw large Table with many discussing issues. I was immediately asked to join them and play a role . I asked them to tell me where they were up to . The middle of th table was glowing with glory . Felt to place my head in the glory – was so blown away .

Engagement with Enoch

Felt such a grieving for where we would have been as an Ecclesia if the book of Enoch had been part of the bible . Set my desire to come into agreement with Enoch and formed circle with him and father son ,holy spirit – could feel immense release like a volcano erupting.