Joshua Programme

The Joshua Generation seeks to raise up the next generation. The multiplication of passionate followers of Christ is so important to seriously impact the earth.

For those that are serious about becoming a forerunner and facilitating the new ecclesia, Jane Johnson CEO of Ecclesia framework is offering 4 places for the first to meet the criteria.

  • Monthly coaching over zoom (live)
  • Group hangout once every six weeks
  • Unlimited Email support
  • Access to a small messenger group to receive info from Jane Johnson and post freely and connect to others
  • Cost – no cost we are fully funded

Qualities we are looking for

Willing to disciple another and ideally want to set up a new Ecclesia group.

No longer attending traditional church or giving to it.

Reliable, open to new revelation,  available, willing to give up certain things to make time for seeking heavenly realms. Willing to make a 4 month minimum commitment to the programme.

Able to articulate their scroll/mandate and see in the spirit.

Disciplined nature – not easily sidetracked.

Passion to restore earth as it is in heaven.

About Jane

Jane has been given a scroll to bring reformation to the ecclesia and remove the stumbling blocks out of the way of God’s people. She has been ordained in heaven with authority, kingly and apostolic function and been given an orb, fiery sword and blue ring and a role in the higher courts to evidence this.

She has been legislating in the courts for some time now and is the founder of the ecclesia framework, the heavenly realms facebook page and author of the EcclesiaFramework and Heavenly blueprint of New Ecclesia.

She is a very experienced and highly qualified christian leadership coach, previous ministry leader, author, founder of a social enterprise, chair of the board, founder of 3 online businesses. She resides in Melbourne, Australia, has been married for 30 years and has 2 adult sons.