Jane Johnson Diary sept 2017 to oct 14

Sept 8

Went for a mandate for Australia . Saw as a bench of 1 in the what was ( eternity ) we needed to break like a concrete crust that is years of traditional church . This is corrupt DNA . Saw bench of 1 like a drill breaking it up

BRINGING UNFULFILLED SCROLLS INTO FULFILMENT – saw a mandate to put all those unfulfilled scrolls into my city ( in the is to come) to allow them to create a new heaven where all scrolls are fulfilled

Sensed the massive number of kings taking their throne were the dead in Christ I had raised . Each one would become a gate and so could release others so acceleration would commence on a scale of millions

DISCOVERING REALM OF ETERNITY CALLED EVERLASTING – seems to be white light and sensed you can find everlasting peace there and every characteristic of the father in never ending proportions eg love , unity , joy

DOCKING OF ME AS AN NJ over the earth as if my frequency would now reside there without me consciously having to do anything

Sensed as we mature we become a son in the order of Melchizedek ( not a son of Melchezidek) .


My first city I created in nj which then I saw in infinity I suddenly saw dropping from infinity down to the earth ( this was all the values of the new wineskin). Like I had created in a new heaven and was then saying it was ready to become a new earth value

INVITING LOST WHO HAVE DIED who I brought into my city , INTO MY OTHER CITY who want a body so they can have a body to return to the earth . This affords massive acceleration

Vortex in INFINITY

Exploring this and saw a vortex of cities universes that is never ending and ever increasing creativity that as we become to operate like god we create with ever increasing intelligence. Saw our IQ going up massively so we create through looking at things but we understand the consequences

Sensed the massive number of kings taking their throne ( were the dead in Christ being raised and of which I had a part . Each one would become a gate and so could release others so acceleration would commence on a scale of millions

Also sensed that we could call the first born spirits in eternity to be born on a massive scale
ALL CREATION Praising me as I honoured all creation . My angels giving me praise but I loved them back

CREATING city for 144 k to take their place in Infinity then releasing to the earth so we create the future so the now can walk in it .


I EXPLORED this and saw this led to the FINISHED NOW ( the new Jerusalem which is us .) so a constant flow of movement from governing in eternity and creating in the is to come creates the finished now

Saw Jesus face in real form like a movie ( I think I have been made aware he has already come a second time


saw I had to move the earth into eternity

CREATING PARAMETERS OF A CITY FOR MYSELF AND HOW I CREATE NEW HEAVEN / new earth so I experience everything in the finished now of new earth today

23 sept – seeing as nj reaching earth and many operating with new earth principles

25 sept

Also saw vortex as many new realms people will create in infinity .

Saw I had to OPEN a DOOR TO INFINITY to allow angels to bring understanding of infinity ( sense this may have been one of the key everlasting doors to open )

Sept 26

Created a city where principe of abundance is a key value creating a whole new earth based on free flow of resources and no lack

Sept 28 OPENED DOOR TO ETERNITY and pressed in for fulfilment of all scrolls

Oct 3

Went into realm ancient of days and saw big library

Had intense download of books that were there . Saw a coronation as king of kings

Sapphire cube – seeing our values of our cities are written on new sets of commandments like 10 commandments .

Pushing up as a pillar the ecclesia to operate out of higher ages

SAW STARS FALLING AS DESCENDING SONS GOVERNING , fulfilling abrahams inheritance / scroll

Engaged Abraham and saw an invite into the sapphire cube . Was like a big blue room and I had to command the living letters like a pen to engrave in the stone a new future .

ANCIENT OF DAYS ENCOUNTER – sought father in ancient of days realm – focused on verses about him being on a fiery throne . Asked what I needed to do to transmit wisdom from father to the ecclesia – was given a torch with flames and told to ignite the river of life and every expression of the body .