It’s all about Living Letters!

It’s all about Living Letters!

Bill Brady  10/28/18

I recently wrote a page entitled, “It’s all about Names!”

  • This is true because Names have power and authority.
  • More accurately we could say, “It’s all about Hebrew Names!”
  • Because the Names of YHVH, God and even our new name are Hebrew Names.

Hebrew names are made up of Hebrew letters. 

  • Each of those Hebrew letters has meaning of it’s own.
  • Each has a life of it’s own.
  • The Hebrew letters are alive.
  • Each is a created being.

Each Hebrew letter has dual meaning. 

  • It has a name.
  • That name reflects a picture that was originally behind the name.
  • It has a pictorial function.
  • It also has a numerical function.
  • Aleph is both Ox and One.
  • Bet is both House and Two.
  • Etc.

So it is true that it’s all about names. 

  • Names of Hebrew letters
  • Names of YHVH
  • Names of God
  • Our new names.

But, it’s also true that it’s all about numbers! 

  • One:  Unity and Echad as in Unity of the Spirit and YHVH is Echad.
  • Two:  Judge to accept or reject as in one is taken and one is left.
  • Three:  Conformity as in 3 who are Echad.
  • Four:  A Door as in, “I am the door for the sheep.”
  • Five:  Government as in the 5-fold Offices and 5-fold Government of God.
  • Six:  Man
  • Seven:  Full Grown, Mature, Perfect, Complete.
  • Eight:  New Beginnings
  • Nine:  Fruit
  • Ten:  ?
  • Eleven:  ?
  • Twelve:  Foundational and Functioning as a Gate as in 12 Apostles and 12 Gates.
  • Thirteen:  12 + 1 = 13, 12 coming into Love and Echad.

We have much to learn from understanding the Hebrew Living Letters!

  • We fully understand Hebrew names by understanding the letters of the name.
  • The numbers of each letter in a name gives further understanding of the name.

We will become every name that is given to us.

  • We become the name of every Hebrew letter.
  • Starting with becoming the Ox face of God.
  • And becoming a house of God.

We also become every number:

  1. We become Echad.
  2. We become Judges.
  3. We become 3 in 1, Conformed to the Godhead, Body, Soul and Spirt united as 1.
  4. We become a Door.
  5. We become the Government of God.
  6. We become One New Adam.
  7. We become Full Grown.
  8. We become a New Beginning.
  9. We become Fruit.
  10. We become the All Spark of creation.
  11. We become what we behold.
  12. We become Foundations of NJ and Gates of NJ and of Heaven.
  13. We become 12 united as 1, One and Echad in many ways.

Thanks to Daniel Jedidiah Cook for the meaning of 10 and 11.