Important Church/Bible History to be Considered and the Effect of Constantine

One of the most important revelations you’ll need today and what has held us back for years!

CONSTANTINE’S INFLUENCE brought about religion and neutered the power and the glory: AND CHANGED THE way we understand church hiding understanding of the original word ecclesia  and organic methods where we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Now in the bible we currently have, a really messed up version of the truth of some of the things that God really wants to release in the earth today.

What we have, is an “original bible” the Old Testament was in Aramaic; then it was translated into Hebrew; then translated to Latin, then translated to Greek and now we have the English translation from that.

Alright, the New Testament was not written in Greek, it was written in Hebrew; translated to Latin; translated to Greek; translated to English. So you have a real mess, truly knowing the way in which the Hebraic understanding of things came in!

So Constantine knew, if he could take the Jewish influence out of the “church system” and the way they did their study, by bringing in their (Greek) linear thinking…. he could take the whole “church” captive. And then he could get them out of revelation and led into a “system”! He controlled and diverted the power to men.

Okay, so in 325 AD they introduced the first Nicene Council. And that’s where they discussed what books would be in the bible. Constantine (and his team) which are “17 merry men” who were Greek and (none of them were Hebrew). They were all Latin and Greek Scholars! So you have an interpretation from Latin and Greek scholars, who had no understanding about the Hebrew language because they wanted the Hebrew culture and Hebrew way of thinking out of the word.

G-d is bringing us back to the truth.

(transcribed then heavily edited and embellished from Ian Clayton by Ann Bandini)