Importance of Building Benches of 12

Importance of Building Benches of 12

By Bill Brady

The early church met together daily in houses to fellowship, eat, pray and dialog about what the apostles had been teaching.

  • We dialog daily on chat groups, meet for ascensions and listen to recordings.
  • This is good.
  • There is something better.

That is benching together around a shared mountain and a shared blueprint.

  • We become a member of a bench.
  • We move into Responsibility.
  • We fellowship with one another around a work that we are doing together.
  • The work is a reflection of our destiny scrolls having a common area of responsibility.
  • Meeting by scrolls / mountains
  • This is a deeper form of fellowship.

The deepest form of fellowship is found on a bench of 12.

  • I believe that everyone is meant to be a member of a bench of 12.
  • 12 is a very governmental model shown to us.
  • (12 disciples , 12 chancellors houses , 2 sets of 12 elders in heaven)
  • A bench of 12 is designed by God to grow its members up into mature sonship.
  • Each member is part of the building up of the group, individually and as a group.
  • This is the highest age version of the early church meeting daily in houses.

The goal of Tree of Life Group is now a crowning together as a bench of 12.

  • The bench of 12 will grow itself up into mature sonship.
  • A TOL Scroll Group experienced a crowning as a bench of 12.
  • This was not around common elements of destiny.
  • It is around the Ecclesia.
  • The next week they experienced a triumphal entry into City of Zion.
  • And a crowning there on a throne.
  • This was a corporate entering into mature sonship.
  • God told me that this group is a prototype.