How to receive support without wrong trading

By Bill Brady  7/1/18

This page reveals what I believe to be the ideal with respect to giving. 

  • We aren’t completely here yet, but this is where we are going.
  • I would add anonymous giving to this as well.
  • When giving is done anonymously, then no one is tempted to try to please a giver.
  • And no one is tempted to try to control by giving.

We don’t believe in charging for revelation.

  • We believe that this is wrong trading.
  • We freely give away revelation that we have received.
  • We do believe that we have the right to expect to be supported.
  • While we are working to receive revelation by encounter for the Ecclesia.
  • And to facilitate others into receiving revelation for themselves by encounter.

We believe that we are to emphasize giving as a key value.

  • Without emphasizing who to give to.
  • This is how Jesus taught giving.
  • I don’t see Him ever asking for money.
  • For Himself or for anyone else.
  • He simply taught about giving.
  • And supporting workers.
  • In return He was supported by those that He taught.

Jesus taught that His apostles had the right to be supported.

  • But He didn’t ask for any for them.
  • He just taught the truth about giving.

Paul made his right to support clear.

  • I don’t see him directly asking for support.
  • It was very strongly taught, but never requested.

Is this distinction the difference between right trading and wrong trading?

  • I think so.
  • The difference is whether or not we have our hands out asking for support.
  • If we do then it can be wrong trading.
  • If we don’t then it is likely not wrong trading.
  • Teaching the truth about trading benefits all.

Here is some truth about giving:  Sharing in Giving and Receiving

I see simply posting the budget regularly.

  • Along with reports of what we are doing.
  • And what we are planning to do.
  • And teaching regularly on trading.

This way we don’t have our hands out asking. 

  • And are not dependent on the Ecclesia for our support.
  • We are trusting Father.
  • He will supply.
  • Primarily by raising up “benefactors”.
  • See:  Are you called to be a benefactor?

I see this as a transitional way to pay Zoom and other tech bills and support fathers.