How to Possess Your Inheritance Part 2

How to Possess Your Inheritance Part 2

By Bill Brady

There is a progression that brings you to being able to possess the kingdom.

  • The same progression applies to possessing anything.
  • Here is a further explanation of some of the steps.
  1. You beget / conceive something by speaking it into being.
  2. In due time it is born.
  3. You see (know) that it has been born.
  4. You seek it while also seeking righteousness.
  5. You receive it. 
  • This is not possessing it yet.
  • It is an acknowledgment of it for what it really is.
  • Receiving Jesus in Biblical terms is welcoming Him into your home and acknowledging that He is who He says that He is.
  • Receiving means to believe what you have seen with the eyes of your faith.
  1. You enter it. 
  • Think of this as coming to dwell in it.
  • As in a triumphal entry into a heavenly city followed by crowning and living there now.
  • Enter as in “enter into marriage”.
  • Followed by the union of marriage.
  • Entering implies becoming one with it.
  • It becomes a part of you.

    6. You inherit it.

  • This means that you have been given legal right to it.
  • This comes as a knowing that what you have been believing for is now yours.
  • Some period of time will pass between entering and inheriting.
  • Inheriting is actually another begetting / conception.

    7. You actively take it into your possession at a destined time.

  • After inheriting you wait to the destined time to possess.
  • Possessing may or may not involve evicting someone else who has been dwelling there.
  • They no longer have legal right.
  • Now you can move in.
  • This is not the same moving in as entering.
  • Entering is by faith into something that has not yet manifested.
  • Possessing is moving into something causing it to manifest.
  • Possessing is actually another birth.
  • Possessing is a birth of manifestation.

A period of time passes between some steps in the progression.

  • Time passes between begetting / conception and birth.
  • You can see a birth as it occurs.
  • Or you may see the newborn baby some time after it has been born.
  • You can receive as soon as you become aware of the birth.
  • You can enter as soon a you receive.
  • You can inherit as soon as you have entered.
  • You can possess only after waiting.

Here is the full progression to possessing the kingdom:

  1. Father and a spiritual father together beget you.  Father says to you, “You are My beloved son with whom I am well pleased.”
  2. You are born again.  This is your second birth.
  3. You see the kingdom.  You see that you are a king.
  4. You receive the kingdom.  You receive your kingship as a co-reigning with Jesus as King.

    5. You enter the kingdom.

  • His kingdom becomes your kingdom.
  • This happens when you enter New Jerusalem.  You become one with Jesus and the Ecclesia.
  • This oneness is oneness with Jesus as King.
  • The one new man is one new king united with Jesus in His Kingship.
  • You enter into the kingdom when you enter into New Jerusalem.

   6. You inherit the kingdom. 

  • This becomes possible once the Ecclesia has entered into the City of Zion.
  • The Ecclesia enters into oneness with Jesus as the life.
  • The Ecclesia’s corporate possession of the kingdom is begotten / conceived.
  • Father says to you, “You are my beloved son.  This day I have begotten you.”  He speaks resurrection to you.
  • You inherit the kingdom when you enter into Zion.

   7. You possess the kingdom.

  • The Ecclesia enters into oneness with Jesus as everlasting life.
  • This is the Ecclesia being born into possession of the kingdom.
  • This is the first resurrection.
  • When this happens then the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of Jesus united with His Ecclesia.  The Ecclesia corporately comes into full possession of the kingdoms of this world.
  • You possess the kingdom when you enter into the City Everlasting.

In writing these two pages I have framed these truths.