How to operate out of Tree of Life not the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil 

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of the Ecclesia Framework

You are a powerful son of God and therefore do seek your own revelation about this before forming an opinion and be willing to give up old mindsets  in case they block you from real truth.

Operating out of the Tree of life can be :-

Infused knowledge ( ie what you automatically know and get from entangling )not academic learning .

Being oracles revealing the heavenly blueprint

Seeking to come into alignment with DNA of heaven

Allowing the source of living water to flow out of us by actively engaging heaven

Being able to transform things through the light in us. This comes from regular cleansing as a lifestyle ( work out your faith with fear and trembling )

Taking someone into heaven so they can see God face to face not prophesying over them so they become dependent on a prophet .

Multiplying our lives not seeking blessing only for ourselves ( give and we shall receive)

Working in unity with others on benches

Sharing and promoting others material and platform not just our own.

Finding and facilitating scrolls not giving people a job we need doing

Being the one new man in Christ operating out of the order of Melchizidek incorporating a balance of the apostolic , prophetic ,priestly and kingly ( lion)function .


Here are a few possibilities . You are a powerful son of God therefore do seek revelation of your own before reacting . Being open to new mindsets can cause great revelation. We must seek truth before comfort or assuming what we were told in the past is correct . That does not mean throwing the baby out with the bath water .

Substituting relationship with God for Knowledge about God.

Feeding on others knowledge and testimony rather than supplying others from personal encounters and testimony.

Focusing and binding  demons  without interaction in the higher heavenly realms.         ( working from the Atmosphere of the Earth being the Kingdom of the Earth and The Kingdom of God)

Needing to go to bible college and do bible study for revelation instead of intimacy and relationship .

Doing good works without intimacy

Taking camp in a ministry that is not flexible because it is more comfortable to do so.

Taking communion as a ritual ( communion can be entangling in heaven with trinity that changes our DNA ) or eating and drinking in the wine room or banquesting table .

Singing songs to get into presence of the lord instead of bringing grateful praise and thanksgiving into gods court

Saying set prayers that become religious

Listening to sermons to get knowledge and not wanting to apply it. Most of what we listen to disappears if we don’t apply it quickly .

Trading on knowledge for position- teaching material we have yet experienced .

Sharing our faith to make us feel better( see redefining evangelism page ).

Charging for ministry( as causes us to be dependent on the income and have to continue something to earn a living ). We can not continually morph and keep on a journey changing things as heaven leads .

Keeping revelation for ourselves then profiting from its sale . The body is there to reinforce if a revelation is true or not .

Setting up as a senior leader over people or a. Bench of 3 of a local hub .

Going to church instead of being the church.

Planting a church and taking camp instead of organically morphing to societies  needs .

Blocking gateways and setting up mindsets if they threaten our faith as we see it.

Operating as a senior pastor overseeing a bench.

Making the bible a god . Jesus is the true word of  God .

Teaching academic elements not being an oracle sharing the heartbeat of heaven at that moment in time.

Facebook live by jane johnson on moving to higher ways of operating