Ways to manifest Heaven 

By Jane Johnson founder of ECCLESIA framework

The law of resonance And frequency are part of the 12 laws of Zion that show us the culture of heaven. We are called to live out of the new Jerusalem in rev 21. The Jewish temple was modelled after this but was always meant to be a spiritual place not a physical temple. Following where Jesus is leading you and where you are in rest will help with overwhelm in the early days . Follow where it is joyful to partake not drudgery.

LIVE OUT OF THE higher heavenly realms constantly ( inner court and holy of holies). Including courts . If anything looks too like earth it is more likely to be an outer court part of heaven .

ALIGN WITH YOUR SCROLL– this causes the greatest energy and joy . 

CENTRING – where you put your focus back on living from the source of heaven when distracted . 

FOCUS ON HOLDING OTHERS IN YOUR HEART which causes love to flow which then leads to joy which leads to the other fruits of the spirit. ( the fiery stones can show aspects of fruit of the spirit) 

WE were designed for ecstasis but rather than getting this from short lived pleasures we can get this from the bliss of ENGAGING THE PURPOSES OF HEAVEN  . ( we have regular group encounter groups and legislative groups).

Visit METATRONS CUBE ( he is the chief angel of time ) and many see we can access different dimensions from there and change the timeline and engage with THE ANGEL metatron . 

ENGAGE DAVIDS TENT where you can hear the frequency of heaven and come in alignment with it and release that frequency 

Working on our trading floors (see page ), so no slander , judgement , gossip , sticking in seperate divisions . 


Do court cases or engage Melchizedek to be free from genealogy or lie busting occasionally but better to learn how to hear for yourself. 

KEEP SEPERATING YOUR SOUL FROM YOUR SPIRIT till your soul is in alignment with your spirit and is under the Holy Spirit. This untethers you from the pull of the world and its fleshly desires . ( although enjoyment in the earth was the original design too along with heaven but it has got out of balance ). 

Praise and thank and honor all in heaven and a culture of honour on the earth ( this does not mean spending ages singing songs as God desires a consecrated life more and the angels are actually designed to worship god not us )

Work at the CULTURE OF HONOR  with the body listening to all points of view not setting up strong mindsets. Honour does not mean asking questions or defending a leader and not allowing debate . 

Desire intimacy with the God head AND ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE BEING LED 

SHARE AND GIVE AWAY , don’t keep looking for blessings and healing which focuses on negatives and comes from a poverty mindset .


Operate from the SEAT OF REST so you trust God is big enough to deal with things and you can work from desire , passion, love .

Set your desire on things – it is not all about being led as a mature son.

Live in dual realms not occasionally entering the inner court

Seek the holy of holies not the outer court or just walking in his ways or performing his service.

Engage positive crowns as led.( see page on restoring our crowns ) 

Visit the mountain of joy and four chambers of the heart .


pray prayers religiously

Cleanse continuously

Feel inadequate to do anything

Keep learning without applying

Feel overwhelm and give up

Set up strong mindsets that don’t allow exploration.

Take offence easily and blame someone when triggered by something that causes you to re-evaluate your activities . 

Think god will just act regardless of the response of the ecclesia . 

Just stick with similar people who don’t challenge you to step out of your comfort zone

Think or expect someone else will do something, that your part is not that important  ( or blame others )

Risk being in the wilderness by exploring a little without counting the cost

Focus on constantly killing dragons without being clear on your authority levels .