How to find Daily Authorisations from Heaven 

Written by Jane Johnson Founder of the Ecclesia Framework

We have our scroll and 7 mountains but it is important to get a mandate every day for the day to day steps. Discerning mandates is not all about physically seeing a clear picture in heaven.

Here are some ways we can discern a mandate:-

  • Entering into heavenly realms and seeing what is revealed to you. You can be led or see where your spirit wishes to engage.
  • Listening to the conviction of your spirit/conscience as you go about your day.
  • Visit the courts and ask to hear accusations. Our trading floor document can really help hear accusations.
  • Interacting with the world and sensing a righteous anger or intense desire.
  • Interacting with the body to discern the seasons and times. Sometimes your spirit just knows what is important and it is the only thing you want to do.
  • Asking Wisdom (prov 3) what to do in a certain situation. You can also engage the handmaidens of wisdom.
  • Engaging the arc of the covenant and four faces of lion, ox, eagle or man (priestly function).
  • Going to the court of war for a strategy.
  • Engaging the men in white linen assigned to your scroll. Joining in union with them can release something.
  • Sometimes we wake up thinking of something – that can be a heavenly mandate.
  • Engaging the angels as they are meant to bring the word of the lord to us.
  • Visiting angels court for scrolls that have not been mandated
  • Considering what brings you joy and peace today – are you feeling like intimacy or ruling  or cleansing? If you are prone to one strength though do consider a balance.
  • Look into some info on the big picture for your scroll. Discern where your scroll is going, e.g., how bad is the situation you care for- is it getting worse – with whom and where? See where your spirit leaps for you to play a part.
  • Going back into eternity along the timeline and asking, “What was “to bring that into “what is “so that it will become, “what will be” in the future as the future is not written yet.

Video by jane johnson summarising some of these points

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