How to Do Journey by Not Taking Camp

How to Do the Journey in Groups

Bill Brady   4/28/18   Updated 12/3/2018

There is a personal journey and a group journey.

  • On our personal journey we grow up into Christ personally.
  • On our group journey we grow up into Christ corporately.
  • There needs to be a balance between our personal journey and our group journey.

Father puts us into families. 

  • He puts us into groups.
  • Groups begin forming into benches of 12 as they start functioning governmentally.
  • This process is a journey.

A group / bench has a destined journey.

  • There is a beginning and a journey into group destiny reflecting a blueprint.
  • Members of the group come and go according to their own personal destinies.
  • Some groups have an end.
  • Some groups have multiple endings and multiple new beginnings.

A group / bench has multiple activities meant to be balanced and flow by mandate.

  • Find a joint mandate is a key skill in a group.
  • Encounter
  • Dialog.
  • Testimonies.
  • One anothering.
  • Governmental actions.
  • Asking and answering questions.

All of these activities need to be present.

  • For the group / bench to function fully.
  • For the bench members to grow up into Christ fully.

A bench will…

  • Grow up together as a bench into Christ.
  • Grow into multiple members functioning as meeting facilitators.
  • Grow into members facilitating each other on each other’s personal journeys.

A bench will always have visitors visiting bench meetings.

  • To allow for cross-pollination.
  • To allow for a constant flow of new members.
  • To replace current members who are mandated to move on.

A bench is only as strong as the personal journeys of its members.

  • We are all meant to give away revelation that we receive soon after receiving it.
  • We can only give away what we already have.
  • Group revelation becomes personal revelation.
  • This happens when group members add that revelation to their personal journeys.
  • Without this crucial step group revelation is little different than sight-seeing.

I believe that we each are destined to be part of a fully functioning bench of 12.

  • We are all on a journey into understanding of benches of 12.
  • We are learning by doing.
  • And being tutored by the 7 spirits of God.
  • Expect more to be revealed.

It is better to invest fully into a few benches.

  • Rather than to invest partially into many.
  • So that all needed elements of bench functioning can grow up in the bench.
  • There will be a journey from being on many groups / benches to being on few.
  • With this will come a maturing of benches into full functioning.