How to Do the Journey

How to Do the Journey

Bill Brady  11/4/18

We are still getting the finishing touches on the topic of “How to do the Journey”.

  • Includes all of the beginning elements needed for self-journey.
  • Each element needs to be in place.
  • So that you can do the rest of the journey yourself.
  • In the company of others who are also doing their own journey.

These elements include:

  • Establish relationships with those given to you by God to facilitate your journey.
  • There are 7
  1. Spirit of God
  2. 7 spirits of God
  3. Wisdom
  4. 7 Handmaidens
  5. The 22 Living Hebrew letters
  6. Your Men in White Linen
  7. Your father(s) and your family

Resolve to not camp.

  • Decide to journey all of the way.
  • Don’t stop to camp even if others do.
  • Keep going up higher!

You need to commit to discipleship and discipling.

  • Give away revelation that you receive to others as a testimony.
  • Make other’s revelation your own before testifying of it to others.

Learn the progression from seeing revelation to fulfilling it.

  • Make this progression your life style.
  • Don’t stop until you fulfill every revelation that you receive.

Learn how to engage your destiny scroll / book.

  • Engage your destiny regularly.
  • Make it a lifestyle.

Adopt a lifestyle of looking for and avoiding stumbling blocks.

  • Jane wrote a page on this topic.
  • You have two choices:  Avoid stumbling blocks or stumble.
  • It is good to know what the obstacles are before you find them by experience.

Learn to recognize when you are triggering.

  • And how to work through it.
  • By recognizing your issue and overcoming it.

Learn the progression from seeing to fulfilling.

  • Actually journey fully into everything that you see.
  • Otherwise you will be continually deceived into thinking too highly of yourself.
  • See the revelation, receive it, seek to enter into it, enter into it, inherit it, possess it.
  • Until you finally become full of it and become it.

Receive revelation of your mountains and begin ruling on them.

  • Receive revelation of your lord mountains.
  • Begin to rule as a lord.
  • Receive revelation of the courts.
  • Receive revelation of your king mountains and begin to rule on them.
  • Receive revelation of your men in white linen and how to relate to them.
  • Begin to spend time in the fire of the fire stones.
  • Receive revelation and begin to rule on Mount Zion.

Mutual discipling as part of an ecclesia bench is essential.

  • Every one of us has the ecclesia on our scroll.
  • Everyone has the ecclesia as both a lord and king mountain.
  • Bench around the ecclesia in order to become an ecclesia.
  • Every ecclesia has a star (angel) and is a lampstand.  (Rev 1:20)
  • Every ecclesia is destined to work together to overcome together.

Learn how to coach, self-coach and receive revelation by asking questions.

  • This will turn into discipling, facilitating and fathering.
  • It will result in discovery.
  • All the revelation that your bench / ecclesia needs will be given to the ecclesia .

Begin your journey into the first 3 thrones:  Righteousness, Peace and Joy.

  • Begin relationship with Melchizedek.
  • Begin to function in the Treasury.
  • And the Scroll House.
  • Learn how to receive mandates and blueprints.
  • Discover others of the 12 Chancellors Houses as you are led and by your desire.

At this point you are ready to do the Journey.

  • Because you have learned how to do the journey.
  • By doing the journey.
  • By journeying with others who are equally committed to doing the journey.

Your ecclesia has moved into dialog / encounter and testifying.

  • We overcome by the blood of the Lamb.
  • And the word of our testimony that we give to the ecclesia.
  • They in turn give the same to us.
  • The ecclesia will overcome as a journey that they do together.
  • If your ecclesia isn’t on journey to overcoming then move on to one that is.

How to Do the Journey