How Do We Move to Manifest the Aspects of Manifest Sonship?

By Bill Brady Ecclesia Framework

The Holy Spirit told me to work on one manifestation of a Manifest Son each day.

  • This is for those who have entered into functioning manifest sonship.
  • An example would be translocation, or creating matter out of nothing, or multiplication miracles.
  • Another example would be healing others just by being present near them.
  • There are many more manifestations that we can be trained and activated into.

Ecclesia Framework’s blueprint is to facilitate you into entering into fully functioning Manifest Sonship.

  • This is why it is so important to align yourself with an ARC in general.
  • We all have bringing others into fully functioning manifest sonship on our destiny scrolls.

Once you enter into manifest sonship how do you go on to fully manifest?

  • Follow the prompting of Holy Spirit to work on beginning to manifest one manifestation at a time.
  • For example at the time of this writing I am working on receiving healing for myself and healing others.
  • I have as a goal that I would become like Peter. Everyone near him when he walked by was healed. I desire to manifest in this way.

How do we move into manifestation?

  • We associate with others who are moving in this particular manifestation.
  • We can form a bench for governmentally bringing the Ecclesia into this manifestation.
  • We can ask others who are manifesting in this area to facilitate our moving into this manifestation.
  • We share testimonies with others who are moving into the same manifestation.
  • Consider how we may habitually reside in eternity and give over any personal government
  • Can engage Metatron’s cube.
  • Ask about untethering from other government and ruling on the bench of 1 or bench of 3 with the trinity.