How do we respond when someone asks you to pray for them? Moving from praying to legislating 

Written by Jane Johnson founder of ECCLESIA FRAMEWORK

Mention to them about us moving to be manifest mature sons of God and that means UNDERSTANDING THE COURTS so it’s better if they begin learning this.

Can refer them to the COURT PROTOCOL PAGE on this site.

Can take them in once or twice to show an example. (It’s better that you learn to do this rather than refer to a specialist as you are then learning to disciple).

Can help them find heavenly resources to get started (see starter pack on this site) if they are open.

If they keep wanting to depend on others it may be better that they don’t build a reliance on you. Sometimes we have to move on as many block their gateways and take camp in a position and there is little we can do for them.

If they won’t take responsibility to agree with the accuser themselves our prayers are very limited in what they can achieve. We can not pray things we have not seen a blueprint for on their lives. 

instead we can PRESENT A CASE to the chancellors court for the general situation if it is our mandate eg divorce , poverty and eventually join a legislative group 

We can stretch our spirits over people and bless them.

If they are family members we can go into courts on their behalf and agree with the accuser.

We can go into the court of accusation with them and help see accusations or blueprints and help them to see angels or receive words for them.

See our page on Heavenly Prayer Methods for more information about prayer.