How do we know who is part of a bench?

By Jane Johnson and Bill Brady

It is a great honor to be seated here on this bench with each of you.

  • We all have the ability to look at this bench and see who is seated here.
  • And who is meant to be seated here.

Seating on this bench is by destiny.

  • A matching up of the bench destiny as seen in the bench blueprint.
  • With a potential bench member’s destiny as seen in their destiny scroll.

Membership on a bench is also a matter of frequency and harmony.

  • The frequencies of the individual bench members.
  • And how close those frequencies are to their original blueprint.
  • The bench is a harmony of those frequencies.
  • The sound of that harmony is by bench blueprint.

Empty seats on this bench are reserved for specific people.

  • With specific destinies.
  • And specific frequencies.

How to decide on potential bench membership on a mature bench.

  • It is not a vote.
  • It is a dialog to consensus.
  • Based on the combined input of the current bench.

Some additional points:

  • All can put forward names of potential new members.
  • The whole bench chooses members not the founder.
  • We are open to all choosing to seek 12.
  • We seek to build relationships outside the group to see if others are suitable.
  • We release a constant frequency to attract new members we can father.
  • All bench members are asked to look at the chat and be part of decision making.
  • Members dialogue before leaving.
  • We all seek to reach out to others if they have not attended for a while.
  • Listening to recordings is encouraged to keep up with where the group is being led.