Heavenly Prayer Methods 

img_0355Written by Jane Johnson Founder of Ecclesia Framework

This is  meant to be a  quick summary for you to use as seeds but be led by your spirit and realise what spiritual age you operate from

The best way is to hear from intimacy and taking responsibility

This document is open for revision and debate if you feel the points are misinformed. Please comment on the webpage.

  • We enter only through Jesus the gate/door( Rev 3:8). We have a heavenly invitation ( rev 4:1) Going through the first love gate , then one of our spirit gates and then soul gates and body gates. ( see gateway diagram).
  • We are not earthly beings trying to get into heaven , we are heavenly spirit beings seeking to manifest heaven on the earth.
  • We are fully transfigured glorified beings so we can release all that is in heaven from eternity
  • WE MUST GET A MANDATE TO DEAL WITH BIG ISSUES( every thing personal and in our family , we already have a mandate)
  • Intercession is not standing between the devil and the situation but standing between the situation and God so speaking to the devil is not the right approach .
  • Commanding our body and soul to come under our spirit and for our marrow to live
  • Expanding your spirit and brooding/vibrating over someone
  • Arcing as a tree with Jesus ( rev 21) setting up a flow of provision
  • Holding people in your heart and stepping into Jesus’ heart to see from His Eyes.
  • Releasing creative light. The higher our vibration by what we do in heaven the greater the frequency we release.
  • Calling forth people to our mountains .
  • Going into the court of accusation (mobile court) (See court protocol page). But depends on what spiritual age you choose to operate from .
  • Preparing court cases and putting things into legislation via authorisation by the court of chancellors and written into law by the court of scribes ie being a legislator
  • Trading on the sea of glass. ( see trading floor page for positive and negative trading).
  • Re-enforcing verdicts in courts.( Ruling on our scroll or personal  mountains). We may not see immediate answer to court cases . We can throw the familiar spirits into the fiery lake.
  • Mandating as kings. When you are a  King you can see what comes out of your spirit and write it on a scroll which is then given to chancellors court for approval. Sometimes this may be no.
  • Using your authority stepping into Jesus body being in the name (not just saying in the name).
  • Applying the blood over things (like painting
  • We can drink the wine of wisdom or our men in white linen . Religious communion taking I see as lower age
  • Living out of dual realms so we are constantly living in heavenly realms not going in occasionally.
  • Asking for the dividing of soul and spirituntil the soul matures and comes into oneness with the spirit.
  • MANDATING ANGELS to Slay dragons giants and kings on your mountains, your gateways, and your scroll.( Principalities, powers ( sex money power ) domains . This is really a job for angels though. We are seeing that there is more revelation about not putting   emphasis on the devil and more on producing creative light . The devil is not allowed access in Heaven so we are safe dealing with things in heaven.
  • Seeing blueprints in heaven or dragons and coming into agreement, slaying them or presenting a case together. Getting a fourth person to agree after opening a window.
  • Mature Sons interact with councils, e.g. bringing a case to the  council of 70, as in 70 elders, court of men in white linen. This is usually being told that you have authority to go here. Not for the beginner.
  • Raising your sceptreand hand over your mountains representing the hand of God
  • Breathing the breath of Godover situations  or roaring like a lion many experience.
  • Revitalising ancient wells ( this must be done in heaven – not in the atmosphere of the earth ). We will not get BACKLASH when in Heaven but this can happen acting in the atmosphere of the earth.
  • Speaking as an oracle where we see direct revelation ( versus a prophet that hears at a distance)
  • Commanding prince warring angels over your nation , city to fight on your behalf
  • Building a nest in the tree of life for a nation and becoming a living lightening bolt.
  • We need to keep  our bodiesto interact with the earth- so not buying into death is important.  Like Moses.
  • We can engage the fiery stones coming out of the river of fire to engage  the 9 fruits of the spirit ( love joy peace etc). These leads to a throne showing the fatherly characteristics of God .
  • Engage eternity through fiery stones , or the timeline by setting our hearts on it  or the arc of covenant . This is one of the dimensions of heaven.


Jesus is the way, so there are many ways to access heaven, but here are a few possible misunderstandings:-

  • We DO NOT Come into agreement with what someone wants to see.
  • Pray requests but just step in the court of accusation.
  • we seek now to go into heaven and look for the heavenly blueprint and deal with accusations stopping things – often we don’t know what is best unless we look for heavenly blueprint so ruling on our mountain often without words is better so we can move to be a lord .
  • Do not do court cases outside our authorisation.
  • Don’t Declare what we believe to be right without seeing a heavenly blueprint.
  • Don’t Feel we are not able to step in until we know more or can see. We can step in by faith.
  • Have to have an expert go into the courts for us.
  • Always go into heaven on our own (we often see more with others as coming into agreement).
  • Ideally not engaging without reviewing our gateways/presenting ourselves as a living sacrifice and honouring some of the nine voices in heaven.
  • Not seeking to operate spiritual gifts in the kingdom of the earth and not stepping into heaven. There can be backlash, whereas in heaven we are above the enemy and he has no access, other than being called into the courts at our request.
  • Not just saying “in his name ” but stepping into Jesus and walking in the authority you are recognised by in heaven . So our crowns matter.
  • Not repenting for individuals or going in the courts for them without permission . Better to encourage them to learn for themselves to go in rather than building a dependency on others which is not the mark of a mature manifest son.
  • Not calling for revival in sense of heaven coming down but legislating for manifest sons to appear
  • Feel we have to be in a TRANCE  all the time to access heaven . We live in dual realms and can access heaven whilst doing things on earth . We are already seated in heavenly realms
More pages on court protocol and areas for new people and stumbling blocks to accessing heavenly realms at our site.