Heavenly Download Through Paul the Apostle

Saw this in March 2017 and felt the assistance of Paul the apostle benching with me. This is what you can do as an oracle – Jane Johnson founder of Ecclesia Framework. 

“Don’t despair my people because great will be your influence as you grow and know how to use your authority. This is a time to grow and learn all that it is meant to be in your destiny and calling.”

Submit all to me and I will reward your faith with dreams that exceed all you have now. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice on the altar what you have built so far as you will get back far more of far more value.

In The kingdom you give to receive not receive to get more. Your needs will be met as you can create all you need. You will play like a child.

See the kingdom is within so you can build a city in your heart that represents what you want to see. Many will fail to reach this level for they can only stand one glimpse of me but you who are full are able to withstand the light. Your city is greater than your garden and allows you to build a new temple where many can dwell . You create what you want to see of the blueprint.