Healing the soul in the higher realms of heaven

Jane Johnson nov 2018

Be led but here are some that I have encountered in heaven personally

  • Courts dealing with trading
  • River of fire
  • Aligning soul under our spirit and Holy Spirit
  • Untethering from offence
  • Increasing our frequency so words can’t stick
  • Taking on names and identity of God
  • Setting up boundaries ( even not reading or visiting may be necessary until they respect boundaries
  • Cutting cords from the person whom we have allowed to influence our identity
  • Hold and bless the offending person
  • Deal with trigger words that send you into a spiral of insecurity
  • Throne of grace
  • Humility throne allows right and not false humility
  • Taking on the mind of Christ ( right side of our brain )
  • Sitting on throne of honor so honor from heaven is greater than dishonour on earth .
  • Become huge in your spirit man
  • Absorb love in everlasting and then release to the world
  • Don’t constantly go over the trauma but chose self talk that says it is easy to be free
  • Judge familiar spirits that say you are not worthy .
  • Ask am I constantly asking for healing and refusing to accept my full identity?
  • See laws of freedom page

Any issues you can judge the ecclesia as a whole so personal trauma becomes a blessing to the body .