Pathway to Growth in Heavenly Realms    

We must do everything as led by heaven and in rest . This is to show a possible pathway for you to know where you are heading . There is urgency in that creation is groaning for manifest sons to be revealed . How responsible we are on the earth will determine our position in heaven and the level of influence we have now . We do not have every authority in heaven to do anything just because we are saved.

making a choice to say Jesus is your first love every day

able to hear, discern  or see in the spirit

knowing your gateways and how open they are daily

knowing your scroll of destiny or what you really want to see happen in the world ( desire of your spirit ) 

ruling on your mountains daily (that does not mean that you have no problems)

asking for a mandate in heaven daily

engaging angels to hear the will of the father and to work with you in warfare 

operating from a seat of rest meaning things are fun and in Christs strength not striving on our own

seeking to grow in court protocol and entering through out the day as you reside in heaven  ( Note -nothing is stopping u entering right now by faith )

moving from a lord ruling on your own mountain to a King out working your scroll and book of destiny 

connecting with others to go into heaven and in some Form of accountability relationship

learning to multiply your life by mentoring / coaching another

seeking others who have the same scroll as yourself to begin a bench of 3

understanding we don’t go to church we are  the  Ecclesia in everyplace, city , local and nationwide therefore seeking different ways of expressing this , moving away from Sunday / Monday divide 

Being part of the Joshua generation mentoring others and crossing over to build a new wineskin for future generations?

Understanding of a heavenly blueprint for the Ecclesia . 

As you are confident operating as a King , we may then  be given a position as a lower chancellor approving court cases , then opportunities to present cases before the council of 70 .