Encounter Groups/Ecclesia Online Messenger Groups and Connection Groups 

ENCOUNTER GROUPS by zoom online (we encourage you to build relationship to form benches not casual encounters).


we have one every week on a wed at 4 pm pacific via zoom (we are seeking bench members) 7 pm eastern, 6 pm central –  Zoom id 446 639 6591. 


6 pm Sunday pacific via chat messenger (if u wish to facilitate).

ORACLES ARISING every fortnight Monday 6 pm pacific. Bring a testimony, learn how to become an oracle by seeing the heavenly blueprint from the holy of Holies moving away from the outer or inner court. 

DISCOVERY ASCENSIONS FOR SPECIFIC MANDATES TO ASK ABOUT A CONCEPT (ask for dates every 3 weeks by joining our chat groups. Message us on heavenly realms Facebook group.

You are welcome to observe or see our recordings on you tube ecclesia framework. If you wish to facilitate or start a new one we do not vet people but empower you to live out your calling. 



Finances (now named unlimited supply as we are building a new mountain)



3  benches for bringing the new wineskin forward

Evangelistic – reaching lost


Starting a zoom encounter

Facilitating Sunday 6 pm pacific chat encounter regularly


Is your scroll on our mountains?( we do not seek to vet you but empower you)

Scroll facilitators.


Posting our pages on other Facebook groups (list provided) or ecclesia framework.

Writing summary pages.

Posting our pages on open Facebook groups to allow cross pollination.

Facilitating open encounters (Zoom or chat).

Being on benches for the ecclesia.

Anything else for the ecclesia you see a mandate for we wish to facilitate or promote you.

Facilitators of legislation groups


Seeing the new Jerusalem in heaven is more organic than static hubs meeting with similar people, some of whom may have blocked their gateways and are not going to move on much. Internet facilitates a constant morphing of fellowship and daily discipling and messenger groups allow us to find people with similar scrolls to form benches.
New to Heavenly Realms? – we have a messenger group to model a more heavenly organic ecclesia with daily discipling like the early church did . You can bring a word, testimony,ask basic  questions and share resources and be the ecclesia working as one body no matter where you live.

COURTS DISCUSSION GROUP for newbies. You can find mentors or people to go into heaven with forming benches of 3.

EMERGING Kings group to move those confident ruling on their mountain to learn how to operate as a King when given that crown.

SCROLL GROUP  for finding your scroll / book of destiny.

Facilitation / FATHERING support group.

CHANCELLORS ARISING GROUP for those called to be on court councils / benches .

LEGISLATIVE CONNECTION GROUPS – We have a messenger group to connect people with scrolls or will facilitate you setting one up to connect with people in a region to see benches raised up.

DISCOVERY GROUP – dialoguing  and encountering around topics many are not speaking about.

Australia group- for legislating.

TO JOIN COMMENT ON THE FIRST POST AT our Facebook group on the right.

Wanted hangout group facilitators?

We have a messenger group to support you  and understand the heavenly blueprint. Message us on the Heavenly Realms Facebook page.  We will be doing some special hangouts with Jane Johnson as the numbers build.

Want to help others grow in an online messenger group? 

We are looking for people who feel fairly competent and like sharing experiences and helping answer questions around heavenly realms. Join a great community speaking daily.

TESTIMONY by Frederick 
Hi all, I want to testify.

I was given an Ian Clayton cd about 4 years ago, the messages shook my world and I tried applying it with little success.

I joined this support group last week, just in time to attend my first zoom meeting on Monday, it was so great to be able to o speak to someone and ask questions I could never ask before.

We joined an encounter group .

My wife sat in, and the best response we have is “beyond description”

For years i read and listened about Men in white linen, angels, and even Melchizedek.

Last night we (my wife and I) encountered all the last mentioned.

It was so exciting yet humbling, I didn’t know if I should run away or sit and cry.
As a “newbie” I expected to “climb the ranks”, but last night shattered that myth.

I was surprised that I “was known” by the white men linen, they welcomed us, ministered to us, as if we were old acquaintances, (technically we are) but I am sure you know what I am trying to say.

Living in South Africa, means the meeting started at 01:00 and finished around 03:00, no way we could sleep after our encounter, we discussed everything until 07:00

Lastly, my wife sat with me, she just wanted to “observe”, so even though she was part, obviously the others did not know she was there. Chatting afterwards, she said that she walked out the meeting with a scroll tucked under her arm, brain freeze all over again….
Anyone still wondering if they should join, you will not be disappointed, we intend participating in each group, our circumstances allow us to do it, no looking back anymore…
Thank you for all involved, the support, the love, everything…