Heavenly Blueprint of New Ecclesias

Written by Jane Johnson, founder of Ecclesia Framework 

This is a compilation of revelation from what many have seen in the inner court and from many Bible verses not really understood from a Hebrew mind-set, as the culture of heaven. It is open to others adding or debating these principles as a culture of honor is a strong part of the unseen world in the Bible.

A strong understanding by facilitators is really important before starting to build a healthy ecclesia, as is evaluating it regularly with all sons. It is hard to change once a culture is established .

  • We are in a new spiritual season called the Order of Melchizidek .
  • We are a Joshua and Daniel generation with a choice of crossing over into the promised land and of engaging more directly with the heavenly realms, seeing that it was a misrepresentation that we have to die to access heaven.
  • It must be a new wineskin .We do not mix old and new wine or patch up an old wineskin as a major restructure is required. Being willing to go where God is leading, knowing the times and seasons, and not taking camp is a key characteristic of a committed follower.
  • We are spirit beings with a soul and a body. We are sons not servants or orphans,  moving from Lords to Kings to Lower Chancellors to Higher Chancellors operating in the courts of heaven. We are not given all authority when we first come into relationship.
  • Restoring CHRIST as the real head and returning the Ecclesia to “as it is in heaven” not a hierarchy of leaders.
  • We are all part of one body, regardless of location, moving away from denominations, networks or paid apostolic covering. We seek full unity, not partial.
  • We don’t GO to church. We ARE the ecclesia. So we don’t just go to one location for all our needs which can lead to being insular. All of life is doing church even our work.
  • We understand the four levels of the Ecclesia (see separate page).
  • Intimacy with the Trinity is critical as a base for the purity of motives. We present cases in the courts to remove the legal right of the enemy to act by hearing accusations and agreeing with the accuser (Operating in the Courts by Henderson).
  • Spiritual Fathering / one anothering – allowing others to rise above the mentor is foundational (multiplication not spiritual addition).
  • No hierarchy – we are all powerful sons so moving away from the traditional senior pastor role instigated by Constantine in 300AD (Ez 34).
  • Open participatory gatherings with mutual edification in gatherings moving away from predominance on sermons – each bringing revelation, teaching, song, testimony (1 Cor 14:26) (See Reimagining Church for biblical reasoning).
  • No prayer meetings just asking God for things but seeing into heaven then legislating, decreeing, shining light, dealing with principalities, powers and dominions.
  • Understanding The Order of Melchizidek (as in, Jesus is in the order of Melchizidek) and that we all have apostolic, prophetic and kingly (strategic) elements. It is good to look to many apostolic resource centers who resonate with the apostolic eagle face of God until more maturity is gained in the body.
  • We are One United Body therefore we promote having hubs that are not under one apostolic resource centre or a network. Input from many sources is ideal as it encourages less heresy as we all are only given parts of the big picture.
  • Benches of 3 are established for all mountains to come into agreement about a blueprint based on the biblical model of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This brings accountability.
  • Benches of 7 (as in the seven spirits Rev 4:5) are used for Mountains of the blueprint.
  • Benches of 12 are used in governance (drawn from the 12 laws of Zion, 2 x 12 = 24 elders, 12 stones on the breastplate, and 12 strands of DNA). Often used to validate decisions by benches of 3.
  • We seek to first find out what the Father wants in heaven and not administrate from earth but learn to administrate from the heavenly realms.
  • Legislating and decreeing before seeking to build in the natural. Lucifer operates in the earth, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven but not in heaven or higher realms.
  • We all see our role as the one new man in Christ, to restore dominion over the earth, therefore responsibility is important not just intimacy (Gen 1).
  • Understanding the difference between the domain of God, the government of God and the presence of God. 
  • Facilitators seek to empower others scrolls not raise dependent disciples needing prayer and prophecy and deliverance. Coaching and facilitation skills are important.
  • We need the BAPTISM OF UNITY. All one church under Christ across the world so looking for agreement is critical – not just doing our own thing, ignoring or failing to promote others.
  • All people are allowed a strong voice, not just leaders, as we are all powerful sons.
  • We must all be clear on our Mountains of Authority and the Level of Authorisation we have, rather than choosing to do court cases for things outside our jurisdiction.
  • We seek guidance by revelation backed up by the word rather than academic exposition of the word.
  • No ecclesia provides spiritual covering – only Jesus is our spiritual covering.
  • We need reformation before revival can come and a new wineskin.
  • Reconsidering membership, as we are all part of Christ’s body and this can drive the formation of denominations.
  • Moving on from the soaking movement as we legislate in heaven.
  • Moving on from the glory movement of signs and wonders, to becoming the sign and wonder as a manifest son of God.
  • Reconsider owning buildings that stop a church evolving easily and organically.
  • Leaders are facilitators, rather than having authority to exercise – looking to empower rather than insisting things are approved by them. Strong disciples are made by being exposed to debate.
  • Mutual submission to one another not to an organisation or leader, i.e. two way.
  • Everyone exercising gifts – no one refused on the basis of familiarity. Honour means trust.
  • We are all ordained – no ordination required.
  • Grouping over scrolls and legislating more than locality.
  • Moving away from condemnation of others ministries including non-Christian groups but looking for areas of agreement.
  • An Ecclesia that is mobile, evolving and existing for those who do not currently believe, more than to support existing believers.
  • An Ecclesia that encourages people to go to the inner court and the holy of holies before becoming dependent on prophecy, ministry, prayer or supernatural manifestations (i.e. not just staying in the outer court).
  • Community with a purpose (communitas), not just community.
  • Evangelists teaching us how to reach out, not just doing evangelism ministry themselves.
  • We are not to idol worship teachers or apostles but learn to access the inner court ourselves, so moving away from chasing celebrity ministries without application of the material and actively seeking community.
  • Equipping of the Saints versus supporting the leadership vision.
  • People encouraged to give “gifts and offerings”, to the whole body not just the local church – which are voluntary and come from honour and love – moving away from a duty offering of 10% (which may be above 10%).
  • Moving away from deliverance to overcoming
  • We operate in all FOUR FACES OF GOD . The use of individual spiritual gifts is less predominant as we enter a higher way. We operate in apostolic, prophetic, kingly and priest together.
  • Going through the veil together and coming into agreement with others can open gates.
  • Returning to the original meaning of teaching as “debating”.
  • No paid pastoral salaries – giving goes to the poor.
  • More than a salvation message, but a union message.
  •  Developing understanding of the four levels of the Ecclesia (everyplace, local, city, worldwide) not just local gathering.
  • Moving to a Movemental paradigm (combination of early church, grassroots renewal movements, missional incarnational and apostolic movements)

Biblical basis

See many books referring to the scriptural basis for these such as Reimagining Church by Viola or Engaging Heaven by Ian Clayton or Second Coming of the Church by Barna.

This list is open to additions – contact us

Or visit our Facebook group for more information.

4 thoughts on “Heavenly Blueprint of New Ecclesias

  1. Appreciating someone and others for helping the Lord’s children know that we all have a purpose and have been chosen to continue furthering The Good News . This is not cliché wanting to become a serious member to enhance the knowing of God in His children’s heart.


  2. I’m saying I initially agree with this and will read it more deeply shortly. I think it’s an excellent start towards an outline (written blueprint) but on my phone I can’t work out who wrote it…? The challenge will be in the doing…

    Liked by 1 person

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