Future Earth Destinies to Rule Against

  • Ecstasy through Main frame computers . Predictions of future scenarios are that we can be plugged into a main frame and live immortal lives through fabricated bodies.
  • Time travel through earthly technology that seeks to supersede spiritual time travel and has grave consequences.
  • Health methods (Nano technology that promotes immortality) that takes away the need to seek a heavenly immortal body.
  • Seeking energy sources and planets to live outside of the light of god and new earth.
  • Partial Destruction of the planet that leaves the earth in trauma instead of gradual increase in perfection.
  • To rule for the spiritual technologies to be released that mean we don’t need natural technologies that cause a move away from the sufficiency of Christ (E.g., physical telepathy instead of spiritual infused knowledge).
  • Virus that could wipe out mankind.
  • Bodies being taken over by seedlines we don’t understand that may have come from sons before Cain and Able or distortion of DNA from Lucifer overshadowing eve possibly.

(Our bodies are very valuable)

In Book of Revelation 20 Christ will judge all evil.

So can we.