Future Earth Destinies to Rule Against

  • Ecstasy through Main frame computers . Predictions of future scenarios are that we can be plugged into a main frame and live immortal lives through fabricated bodies.
  • Time travel through earthly technology that seeks to supersede spiritual time travel and has grave consequences.
  • Health methods (Nano technology that promotes immortality) that takes away the need to seek a heavenly immortal body.
  • Seeking energy sources and planets to live outside of the light of god and new earth.
  • Partial Destruction of the planet that leaves the earth in trauma instead of gradual increase in perfection.
  • To rule for the spiritual technologies to be released that means we don’t need natural technologies that cause a move away from the sufficiency of Christ (E.g., physical telepathy instead of spiritual infused knowledge).
  • Gene technology that seeks to be a super body either in animals or humans – that will be used against us at some point . We can get supernatural healing and through the courts – we don’t need to mutate genes that could result in some evil
  • Abortion up to birth as this can be used as blood sacrifice by evil forces to gain power.
  • Cloning
  • Deals with extra terrestrials to get our DNA in exchange for technology
  • Extra terrestrials ruling on the earth in underground bases
  • Fallen angels / extraterrestrials being part of the galactic council
  • War in space
  • Extensive secret programmes that may feed elite agenda ( some secrecy I would suggest is good to get some technology built without political influence )
  • Virus that could wipe out mankind. Even mandate viruses
  • Depopulation of society through things like vaccines making us sick or chemtrials
  • Dumbing down of society through chemicals that calcify the pineal gland
  • Bodies being taken over by seedlines ,that may have come from sons before Cain and Able or distortion of DNA from Lucifer overshadowing eve possibly.
  • Compromise of govt officials to blackmail
  • Hate or war campaigns deliberately started to feed off negative energy
  • Only giving negative news to keep our frequency low
  • Cannabolism or modern day versions like eating Foetus parts in foods or vaccines
  • Blood transfusions for youth that could Lead to trafficking

(Our bodies are very valuable)


In Book of Revelation 20 Christ will judge all evil.

So can we.

we judge in ancient of days throne ( Daniel 7 )

Then present a case to the Yasod if a major item .

Or go along future timelines and bring Godheads full blueprint to merge with earths timeline – like entangling strands of DNA