Ways to COMMAND your Morning 

Written by Jane Johnson – founder of the Ecclesia framework

Not a fixed list to be followed religiously but a few ways you can operate, but be led by your spirit and consider if it is full of joy and desire. It is okay to desire but we must check it against the blueprint of heaven (psalms talks about how he will give you the desires of your heart).

Can command the ATMOSPHERE around you to be positive so you are controlling it , not it controlling you ( you are taking dominion then). 

Entering in through Jesus the gate and then your first love gate (confirming your commitment to Jesus as your first love), and engaging in intimacy where your desire takes you, e.g., dance floor, your garden, Gods garden, throne of grace etc.

Expanding your spirit over your soul and body so your spirit rules and asking for it to be in alignment with heaven.

Seeking a daily mandate from what is arising in your spirit (this may come during the day as you interact with the world). See finding your daily mandate page.

ENTANGLE with the seven spirits of God and engage wisdom and the handmaidens of wisdom constantly throughout the day so you are living out of heavens source and dwelling there ( not popping in now and then).

Re-engage your crowns (e.g., crown of anointing oil, rejoicing, glory, life), and restore any taken away from you as enemy recognises you by the number of crowns you have. ( see engaging crowns page).

Go to your MOUNTAIN and rule in rest by sitting on your throne with Jesus by your side. Rule over your mountains of health, job, finance, family, scroll, situations where you have a mandate etc. You can mandate the Angels to guard your mountains so there is rest and security.

You are above the enemy SO DO NOT FEAR ANY EVIL.

Expect a MIRACLE as faith is key to all. Don’t settle for less . You were created to have dominion over the earth ( gen 1 ,2 )

Honouring, welcoming, listening and mandating angels as your spirit leads. Angels come in twos and always are behind you so we don’t worship them.

Asking for your soul to be DIVIDED from your spirit so eventually they can become one when soul is in alignment with your spirit. THIS IS PART OF UNTETHERING yourself from the earth so your spirit is free to rule over your soul. Your soul wants to keep you interested in earthly things and busy surviving.

Frame a HASSLE FREE miracle blessed day with rich  heaven time where you are very productive without effort.

Giving permission for your spirit to enter the NIGHT WATCH so you can redeem the time you sleep by freeing your spirit to engage heaven.

Can check your GATEWAYS to see if you discern any are weakened, e.g., faith, hope, fear of the lord, reverence – can mandate angels to guard your gateways (see Gateway page).

I set my DESIRE  to go higher each day and be more hungry for righteousness and engage RICH TIME.

As your conscience is sharper be aware of things where you need to go into the courts quickly to agree with the accuser during the day. WE CANNOT JUST COMMAND ANYTHING

Offer yourself as a living sacrifice and place your heart on the altar. Frame the  fruit of the spirit –  love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (these can be accessed by fiery stones).

Shine your light on areas on the mountains of your scroll/calling.

BROOD OVER SOMETHING like your city , family , ( one of your kingly mountains ) building a nest in the tree of life .

The trading floor document is good to go through and see if your spirit identifies with anything there that needs dealing with in the courts.

Walk in the VICTORIES  you have received from the COURTS and reinforce those victories.

See more pages on Moving from Lord to Kings and Untethering as you feel led by heaven.