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This Framework is the result of the collaboration of quality leaders from many different mainstream Christian backgrounds who have significant leadership experience in many different contexts including Apostolic , Kingly (strategic), prophetic, theology, ministry, expertise in learning and development and organisational consultancy. 

The Framework is a guidance tool for use by all Christians  that aims to reflect organic methods of growth while seeking to remove obstacles that inhibit that growth. It covers structural, communication and processes that can engage your people and make strong disciples.


Download the Ecclesia Framework – CLICK HEREGPF 2 new

Download the Ecclesia Framework NOTES – CLICK HERE

The notes are available to all.

Getting the notes in full is really important to seeing the full reason why certain items are in the framework and to be able to use it properly. Once you have digested the  essence of the framework, come back and download the framework notes, followed by the Implementation notes.

We can also recommend qualified Christian leadership coaches who will help you know where to start.


First of all we want to honour the  church as the bride of Christ and Gods chosen instrument. We honour all the leaders who work tirelessly to proclaim Christ and we want to support them because we believe in their role.

This is an exciting initiative that could possibly change society, as we believe passionately that the quality of followers we are raising is the first step to building a healthy society church-family-images-_4440318_origThis framework is not just for pastors but the whole body to understand.

It is based on natural church growth principles similar to well used tool by Christian Schwarz natural church development but goes a lot further.

It is not new untested ideas as they  have been researched and used in churches across the world.

There is no need for training courses as this is something that is worked through with a coach over many years.

Elements include:-

Clarity of strategy , good learning and development techniques to contextualize the gospel and develop clear competencies to form basis for content, good communication, strong discipleship techniques, tools to improve transformation not just connection and collaboration with people to ensure engagement. It seeks to address the issue of lack of church engagement with young people and evidence that conversions and hence real growth come from the youth.

It seeks to stimulate discussion between you and your congregation .

You are not required to implement the whole framework .







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