Four Levels to the Ecclesia 

 by Jane Johnson Founder of the Ecclesia Framework

Struck by comments by Mike Parsons that unless we have a scroll and a position of influence in a traditional church, it is not good to stay for friendships. We must be a mobile body. I feel this truth deeply.

We can do the Ecclesia organically. There are four levels of the Ecclesia which are not local hubs I see. 

  1. Ecclesia as the people of God expressing ministry of Christ in every sphere and domain.( ie round SCROLLS not location ). Justin Abraham has seen this also. 

        THIS WAY IT IS OUTWARD LOOKING AND MISSIONAL . Content was never meant to be part of the gatherings . We were meant to bring a word testimony , a song/ frequency we heard from heaven in our gatherings ( see oracle arising YOU tubes seeking to model this . 

I do not see the Ecclesia as the local body meeting in homes nor do I see large gatherings as it slows down the disciple making process , causing people to look to others for content , to work with people who are operating out of a different age and wait for the gathering to feed their needs instead of Christ . It also causes a lot of inward isolation where much time is spent building relationship with a few instead of operating out of the full four faces of God. As one united body we can reach society now in ways we could not before . If Apostolic Resource Centres empower people in their scroll they can provide a platform to find people. 

This is so we model rev 21 where there is no temple in the new Jerusalem  ( see our page – is there really a local gathering )

2.Ecclesia as the citywide body.

3.Ecclesia as the universal body.

So the Ecclesia is a movement not a local gathering.(acts 1:8)

Moving from an institutional paradigm to a movemental paradigm, which includes organic elements forming naturally as networking takes place . Includes :-

Grassroots renewal that can replicate itself. One anothering 

Being Christ-like in everyday life (missional incarnational).

Includes apostolic input.

The NEW JERUSALEM in heaven is the real ECCLESIA we are seeking to model . Even seeing metatrons cube as a form of gods temple . 

I see the heavenly blueprint as being missionally responsive, organisationally agile, multiplyiNG legislative encounter groups seeing the heavenly blueprint and dealing with it governmentally . 

They are reproducible and netweaved moving from centralisation of power. One anotherIng helps accountability but strong directive mentoring is not the way of heaven.

People GROUPING ACCORDING TO SCROLLS and NOT LOCATION .  Until there is a reeducation of facilitators and people, there  is a danger of these becoming an institutional church, where people think we go to church.

Unless people are grouping according to different mandates and free to go where the spirit says, rather than just attending a hub, we will not have moved on.

Movements mobilise the whole people of God and are reproducible. So that is why learning to disciple another is so important. ( see our page – spiritual addition versus multiplication) 

But before we can manifest something on the earth we must legislate in heaven, so forming groups to do court cases over mandates and blueprints is the season we are in I believe, before forming something on the earth.


Starting to see benches as a short term platform to allow people to learn to work in unity and reach an agreement about the heavenly blueprint but eventually people are invited to hear cases as they get on councils eg council of the fathers, court of 70. 

CITIES OF REFUGE ( see our new page on this )

I see these as not a fixed meeting place run by benches but benches grouping together and individuals from different domains like business education health coming together to legislate over the welfare of a city or area . 

These concepts are open to debate and amendment so if you have sought heaven significantly about this and have been recognised at a high governmental level I would like to hear from you at our contact page.